Tuesday, August 2, 2011

365 x 2

Thursday Brandon and I will be celebrating two years together. We have been reflecting a lot on the beginning lately just reminding each other of funny things that happened. The last time I saw him was when I kissed him goodbye at the hotel in STL on July 7th. This is perfect timing because even though we can't be with one another we have lots of memories to talk about that makes me feel close to him. So here we go some snippets of the last two years. Be prepared if you don't like mushy stuff.

Most Memorable: Our first kiss we both will remember forever. He asked permission to kiss me. Awwww. He then waited for what seemed like eternity to do it. It was probably close to an hour and half. Not joking. Then, after the kiss he claims he did this on purpose. Now that I know him a little better, I know for a fact that he did. The kiss was awesome by the way. 

Most Annoyed: We were playing 20 questions on a road trip and he picked a pen. The pen I was holding in my hand. We ended the game after that. I never guessed it. Okay that probably wasn't the most annoyed but it was funny for him and not for me.

He is most happy when:  He is at home and doing anything outdoors especially if I tag along.

He gets agitated with me: When I am late or cause us to be late. Oops.

I get agitated with him: When he makes me try new food. He is a persistent little bugger. And of course, I always give in.

Nicknames: Cotton, BD, My Brandon ( because my little brother's name is also Brandon and he is 'our Brandon.' My nicknames are Sunshine every morning, Darlin, and Babe. I never thought I would be in a relationship where I called my man, or was called Babe and I love it. 

First Date: In secret to Texas Roadhouse & Mini Golf (I lost)

Most FAQ: How did you two meet? I was working in Springfield and he was playing Double A ball.

Kindest Gesture: My southern boy always gets the door for me. I love it.

Favorite Feature: My babe's BLUE eyes. I could stare forever.

Something Sweet: I like to hold hands when we pray.

Fun Fact:  I said " I love you" first. 

This photo: Doesn't show you how much he loves my kisses.  Especially a soft one on each cheek. He makes me do it. Its his thing. And if I try to get kisses from him on each cheek he doesn't give in. Ever.

I appreciate this most: His love for God above everything else. Knowing this brings me comfort for our future together that there is nothing we can't get through.

Happiest Moment: When Brandon asked me to marry him. Next in line is the day he got called up. I have a feeling November 5th will trump both of these days.

I got lucky:  He likes to cuddle.

He got lucky: I give an excellent back massage.

We got lucky: God brought us together.

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  1. This is too sweet! Congrats on the Anniversary!! :)