Friday, August 12, 2011

Mini Vaca

This week has been super crazy,it hasn't flown at all.
The kids were going bonkers, bouncing off the wall.
I didn't get much crafted, just organized and put away.
So I decided to write a quick little poem with all I have to say.
I'm going on a trip this weekend you'll never guess to where.
I'm going to see my other half, five weeks apart wasn't fair.
We finally get to celebrate, being together two great years. 
I know when I leave on Sunday I'll probably shed some tears.
Its going to be a busy two days, time to make some wedding plans.
But we have to work around two games, so he can play for the fans.
I need to finish packing, I really need my rest.
So when I see his handsome face, I'm only at my best. 

See ya Monday blog friends!

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