Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday Game Plan

I'm back. Super productive trip and plenty of thinking time in the car. Ten hours to be exact. So..this time of year Sundays are pretty much reserved for football. I actually really enjoy football as my second favorite sport to watch, baseball being the first. In honor of football season quickly approaching I decided I'm gonna try to have a weekly Sunday Game Plan. Hopefully this will help me get things done. Especially for the rest of the year. I have a feeling it will be a busy one.  My Sunday Game Plan will consist of what was accomplished the week before (OLD FILM) as well as things I would like to accomplish in the upcoming week. (DRAWING BOARD)

Sunday Game Plan Take One:

Old Film

  • Booked photographer for wedding
  • Started two wedding registries - don't worry this will get its own post
  • Cooked Brandon a nice meal - Easy Cheesy Lasagna - it was awesome!
  • Switched cell phone providers and started our  'Family Plan' - so long AT&T, hello Verizon and new beautiful white iphone 4, I love thee. 

Enough about last weeks huge win! This week is going to be a wee bit more challenging. Good thing I got fueled up this weekend seeing the honey and I'm ready to whoop this weeks tail. With my new phone its like playing in a brand spanking new jersery. 

Drawing Board
  • Get invites designed and ordered
  • Book tickets for honeymoon
  • Deliver headbands to giveaway winners
  • Work on small wedding projects - garter/candles sticks/Mr & Mrs signs
  • Pick out wedding music
  • Find caterer
  • Decide on bridesmaid dresses 
  • NOT panic that the wedding is ONLY 82 days away
  • Get to bed before midnight all week.
  • Get a haircut
  • Friends bachelorette party

Everybody in. Ready, team on three. One, two.. guys? Guys? Guess its just me again. Everyone have a great game week. 

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