Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cram Session

It has been 23 days since the big move.  Three have consisted of the ten hour drive from Union to Marbury, five have been spent back in U-Town for the Thanksgiving holiday, five were spent on a mini vacation to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg Tennessee, and finally a total of ten unconsecutive days have been spent in my new town of Marbury.  PHEW, just saying that exhausts me. I will try to give you the quickest recap including some of my favorites so far.
The drive down was long and uneventful. My least favorite part was losing in a game of twenty questions. Who would have thought he would have picked the item I was holding in my hand the entire game. We only played ONE round. I am a sore loser.  My favorite part was the quality time with Brandon. I am not living at Brandon’s house but staying next door with his Grandmother Hazel and Grandfather Joe (which I most likely from here on out will refer to as Mema and Papa).  There will surely be some great posts that result of this living arrangement.

On to Tennessee.. Brandon’s aunt offered us their four night time share in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  It took about five minutes for us to decided if we should pack up for a five hour drive to the mountains. Great decision considering we could never do this from the months of March until September . It rained the first day so we hit the shopping outlet and Brandon cooked me dinner. Check out the gourmet meal. He is definitely a keeper. =)

Day two was spent driving to Brandon’s old stomping grounds of Tusculum College and visiting the McCrarys in Greenville. We visited, they took us to diner and we watched hunting videos from back in the day. If you want to meet a couple that will rock your world, here you go. God has given them an awesome mission and they continue to live each day to serve others.

Cades Cove is a national park in the Smokies that Brandon has visited many of times. It is an 11 mile loop that you drive/walk/bike and observe the beautiful scenery and wildlife. Nine hours later we had spotted 40+ turkey, 60+ deer, and two black bear. It was an AWESOME day! Check out some

Mr. 11 Point

I’m sorry that wasn’t as short as you would have hoped but you can see I have been busy.  I haven’t even been able to tell you about all the other welcomes from some of Brandon’s friends and church family but I know that they will also provide me many posts in the future. I’m still looking for employment but know that God is making sure that my foundation here is strong and that I am settled before he gives me something I am not ready for. I know it will happen when it is right. For now I am enjoying spending time with Brandon, working on myself as a Christian, learning to have an open mind, and trusting God. It is amazing to say the least. 


Psalm 27:14
Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Southern Accent

I have arrived and started to settle in. The road trip was long to say the least, but we made it after a heated game of 20 questions, the ipod, and even some quiet time.  Tuesday we went to town ( only a 15 minute ride) and hit up the Hobby Lobby. Always a good stop and on my first day. I have a feeling I will be back many many more times.  We went through some stuff at Brandon's mom's and found some trinkets that I could destroy and repair. We made it home Tuesday with stuff for about seven different projects.  It is a little difficult because I am still using my supplies out of their boxes until I get time, the shelves, and space organized. Not that eager about that after just going through everything to get it here in the first place.

  Anyway this is my first weeks project, an old jewelry box.  I couldn't locate my camera battery charger before I started the renovation but you can 
see what it used to be in later pics.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

No 'MO' Posts

Well, the last cards have been sent from Union Mo. Today I will be spending the day packing (ICK) but knew that this post would be delayed until Turkey Day or later if I didn't take the time to write.  I don't know why, but I LOVE sending Halloween cards. I guess when you get older you do not go trick-or-treating anymore, until you have kids, so its still nice to get a little something.

Stickles are AWESOME! They are essentially glitter and glue all in one. Genius!

I hope I continue on the Halloween Card tradition in years to come.

I also used my creative talents to prepare a 
Tinkerbell costume for someone special.
 Take a peek.

Skirt made from elastic with green tule tied around it. Easy!

Then I used the sewing skills I have learned from my momma to create this dress out of some  stretchy lycra.  It turned out perfect.  Wings came from the Dollar Tree and POOF! I shocked myself to be honest.  I present Tinkerbell and her Cowboy buddy!

Hope you had a GREAT Halloween. 19 days 'til Thanksgiving. 
My next post will be from southern ground and I am sure this blog will venture from my craft projects to daily life in Alabama.