Friday, August 5, 2011

The Beginning

Well I just couldn't wait to post about our two wonderful years together, so I did on Tuesday. Instead today I'm sharing our very first photo together. Cell phone quality + editing makes this one not so bad. I love that I still have it. 

I did a little researching to figure out the specifics of how this whole shindig went down. BD (we will call him that cause sometimes his name is too long to type) was on a seven day road trip before he returned home on August 3rd.That night or early morning he asked me to go steady with him. Yep folks, he used those words. "Will you go steady with me?" He denies it, but in his attempt to be cute and win me over, which he has and continues to do, I know he absolutely said it. 

The next seven days we spent every moment we could together sneaking around some silly work policy but in the end all is well and no one (me) lost their internship. This picture was taken before he left on his next road trip which was eight days and he insisted on having a photo of us before he left and I am a bit glad he did. 

Oh yeah one more tiny little thing. As an anniversary gift for him, I have made some BIG wedding decisions, finally. I am also getting him a pair of new sneakers. Strangely enough, I think he likes the first gift best. Of course you will see what I picked out after I get back from visiting in a week. You picking up what I'm laying down? We pick our own gifts. Is that weird? Well I don't care if it is. He likes me to be happy and I decided I'll help him out a tad the first few years. 

So there is the nitty gritty on how this guy became my guy and I wouldn't have it any other way. Happy Anniversary!

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