Welcome family and friends. I am assuming you are here to learn and read about some of our adventures in Japan. I'll leave you with some general information and answers to frequently asked questions. I will also add the links to the posts about Japan at the bottom of this page. I use this blog to showcase so many other things but if you are only interested in Japan, this is where you should come. Or you can always just click on the japan link on the right sidebar. We are so glad you are here to follow along!

Arigatou!  (Ar - ee - gah - toe; roll the r)

Brandon and Lauren

Q: Why are you going to Japan?
The Cardinals released Brandon this past November. Upon doing so they highly recommended he play overseas for a season. The Cardinals have done this with several other players including two of his former teammates from Memphis. He signed a one year contract with the Orix Buffaloes as a starting pitcher.
Q: How long will you be in Japan?
Spring Training starts January 26th. The season opens at the end of March and runs through early October. If there is not a lot of make up games from rain outs or they don't make playoffs we plan to be home in the middle of October. Brandon is already there. I will be joining him in the beginning of March. They do not provide family housing during spring training.

Q: Where will you live?

A furnished apartment has been set up for our stay. It is on an island (see photo) . It is very Americanized and has most of the things we will need within walking distance. More pictures here.

Q: How long is the flight?

It depends where you leave from. Brandon's longest flight was 14 hours. He had two other connecting flights that were each about two hours. Including layovers his total travel time was almost 24 hours.

Q: What is the time difference?

Japan is 15 hours ahead of the CST.

Q: Do you know any Japanese?

Currently neither of us know Japanese except for a couple of sayings. We are provided a translator, Yohei, is his name and he will be helping teach us some conversation and helping translate for us.

Q: How can we contact you?

We have wireless Internet at our apartment. We can check email, Facebook messages, and Skype. Or comment here. Thank goodness for technology.

For now those are the basics. If I think of more, or you have more questions, please ask!

Stay tuned..

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