Friday, September 24, 2010

New Stuff

Where y'all been? Just kidding. September has slipped right through my hands. I cannot figure out how time has passed so quickly! Like August, September is a busy month for my family and special occasions. Four birthdays and an anniversary. Yes I have cards for them and they received them, I just haven't had and taken the time to photograph and document them.

Onto the new stuff..
My mom, Becky, owns her own embroidery business. She also can make signs with cut vinyl and custom design shirts with thermoflex or fashionfilm.  Similar to my situation with the Chocolate Ball in April, she got last minute notice of a business fair going on at the bank where she holds her business account.  She also learned a new technique about four days ago and decided with my help we could whip up some pretty cute stuff for the upcoming holidays. 

Take this for example.  Normally, you see something like this with rhinestones. Mom and I decided, okay she decided, to use some of her 'poor man rhinestones.' (fasionfilm/thermoflex just material similar to vinyl)  It is then heated and pressed on the garment. WAY easier than rhinestone application process and personally I think cuter. I advised her that this concept would be a huge hit with kids clothes. Who got so excited about tiny kids clothes?  I DID. I DID!!! We have newborn sizes to kids 6/7 and all kinds of colors and styles. I created many different designs on the computer. Good thing I am a fast leaner. If I continue to design on the computer I will be needing glasses and a comfy desk chair.

Here are some of the examples of stuff we made at the wee hours of the morning on Friday. I got to bed around 4:45 a.m. and had to be at work by 8 a.m. CRAZY!

6 month creepers - so small. so adorable!

Long sleeve black tee

Baby Romper - spider on right leg

HAHA! Please tell me you laughed out loud. Yes disgusting. Babies can get away with anything and at three a.m. this was HILARIOUS!!!


This orange creeper is for my favorite tiny man. If you don't know who I am talking about, check out the Kids page on my blog. He will be SUCH a stud in this.  The little girl will be decked in the long sleeved black tee with Pumpkin Princess. I will try as hard as I can to get a picture of these cuties before I move to Alabama in November. 

Here are some more ideas non kid related but still very awesome. We had limited time so we did not get to do a sample of everything we wanted. You think of it...we can do it!!

I Do Koozie

Quilted cosmetic bag with initial

So let me recap for you. I love kids, kids clothing, and being creative and designing things.  This is perfect because it combines all of those elements.  I am really hoping I can help market these products for my mom.  This could potentially be a job that will provide me with some mobility that I will be needing as I jump on board with my significant other's crazy schedule.  I am planning on moving all my craft stuff with me so I can continue to create...but I know God has a bigger plan for me, possibly in the kids apparel/boutique area. I couldn't be more thankful for the ways that he will decided to reveal(or not reveal) this to me. I gotta keep dreaming big and have faith! 

Hope you enjoyed these and found some comic relief. If you need any gifts you know where to find me. I always welcome suggestions.

God is good!


Monday, September 6, 2010


Happy Birthday to my favorite little younger brother. Today he turns 21, however, I could have sworn he thought he was of age about five years ago. I have tons of story of the mischief he has gotten himself into and cannot count the number of times I have had to cover for him.  Those are in the past now and I am excited for him to make new, probably just as crazy, memories.  He acquired the taste for beer long ago. This is something I have never done. Ick!  So in honor of one of his favorite hobbies I present his birthday card and cake.

Favorite Pic (above)

 Bud Light bottle cap cake. 

After all this excitement and cake eating we decided to go bowling. So fun. Great family time just the seven us. Sadly I didn't break 100, and took last place of four, but I got in a good practice game before the annual bowl in Alabama that will be coming up soon.

I know he loved his cake and card, but is most excited to be able to purchase his own beverages of choice. Happy Birthday Brother!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oh Baby

Welcome to the world Lillian Grace..

What a beautiful blessing!


Better Late Than Never

This was supposed to be an August post but here we are September 4th, sorry! The wedding of my great friend Maddie took place on August 14th in Kansas City. 'She looked gorgeous' is an understatement! I was crying before she even made it down the aisle. She shed a few tears but when she casually whipped out her Kleenex that was securely tucked in her dress we all couldn't help but chuckle. Great wedding! Congrats Maddie and Chris.

Something I like to do for wedding cards it to take the invitation and turn it, or parts of it, into the wedding card. I forgot to take a pic of the invitation before I started so here is an idea of what it looked like after I took the scissors to it.

Here it is post surgery...

Now the fun part of this is, if you look really closely and it the right light, you can see through to the words of the invitation. I thought this was cool, you may think its tacky, not sure...

And of course a pic of the bride and groom!!

...and they will live happily ever after!


p.s Happy Birthday Blair!