Sunday, April 29, 2012

Roommates either love them or hate them. Cool thing is we love ours. They provide us a sense of normalcy. A chick that can relate to what I'm going through each day. Friends to watch movies and laugh with. Friends to help us not want a baby any time soon.

Luckily, I've only had baby fever once, and it was pretty fierce right in the middle of my nanny days. Now that it's just us we are okay with that. For right now we still have a little one around, it's just not our little one. Best of both worlds. 

It's not that our roommates child is bad. In all honesty, she is the most well behaved child I've been around. It amazes me how good she is. This is life that pretty much has NO routine. Kids need that routine. Little Miss P rolls with the punches. She is so sweet and loving and at an awesome stage just learning to talk. She is a kid nonetheless that will throw a tantrum, be overly tired, and need discipline every now and again. I can't help but read books to her, teach her nursery rhymes, tickle her and take her off her momma's hands for a little while whenever I can. Just look at this adorable face and darling curls.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Wild Things

Happy Friday friends. I don't have much for you today just a little something.

It's been since early February since I've been to Hobby Lobby. Earlier this week we made a trip. I wasn't looking for any particular fabric, just seeing if anything caught my eye. That's usually how my fabric shopping trips work. I walk around and wait until I see something that I know I want to use. I get a gut feeling that I can't leave without that fabric or I'll only think about it until I get it.

I kept looking and looking. I kept going back to the animal prints. I've always liked animal prints and even did a few small projects when I first got my machine. I just couldn't figure our what I would do with animal prints when NOTHING I've been sewing lately has been this style.

Then I found two other pieces to match that were even more out of my element. But I went with it and had a slight vision in my head of something that could be awesome. I knew I had to get them.

I don't know how it happened but it turned into this.

And I love it!

The end. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Off Day Fun

Most working people have two days off a week - Saturday and Sunday. In baseball an off day is a rare and beautiful thing. Yesterday, after sleeping in, we headed out for what ended up being an awesome off day.

We did a little early birthday shopping! Then we found a nice park and snapped some product photos. I love when he does this for me. These new items are now available in the shop.

Then we played around taking some artsy pics and some goofy ones. I feel like if there would have been an old couple watching us they would have been saying something like, "Oh remember when we were so young and in love like those two?" 

We were going to hit a movie after dinner but decided to enjoy the rest of the night at home watching movies with our roommates and eating skillet cookies and ice cream instead. 

Yep, I love off days!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Roach Motel

I shouldn't even be writing this post. I am utterly annoyed at this point in the roach motel I feel I live in. Now, before I go any further, I am aware that there are much much worse living conditions than the one I am in. Do I feel guilty for complaining about a few extra critters deciding to mooch off us for a place to live, yes. But you will agree with me, bugs are gross and are meant to live OUTSIDE?!

I honestly don't know why I am awake right now. Around 11 I was tired but being like a kid I fought it and found a zillion other things to do including paint my nails. Shocker right. Normally I sit at a table but tonight I decided not to. As I sat there on the bed I see something MOVING out of the corner of my eye. 


My days of cursing are behind me but I won't lie when I say I wanted to shout some nasty things to that defenseless little creepy crawly. UGH! You know I'm OCD about my nails but I grabbed my shoe and chased that bug down! He almost escaped under the door but I got him, then of course I check to see if I just ruined my fresh coat of paint. I didn't but that is definitely something that would be worth ruining it over. 

I calm my nerves and decide that turning the lights off to sleep is not something I'm ready to do after that drop in visitor. I sit on my bed not sure if I want to cry or scream. 

I kid you not I see something moving again! That freaking little bug wasn't dead! Now he was headed into my closet. NOT IN THIS HOUSE! I beat him to pieces and I'm not kidding, two to be exact. A proper burial was performed. I flushed him. 

I don't know the lesson in the situation that keeps bugging me. But God help me one day I can look back on this and laugh. It isn't normal that each time I walk into a room in my apartment I look down to scan the floor for critters. Or that each time I pick something up from the floor I shake it first. And we check the bed most nights before we get in. 

Tomorrow I am calling the leasing office and asking if they can have our apartment sprayed for bugs. Until then I'm sleeping with one eye open and all the lights on. Thankfully the Mr. gets home early early Wednesday and he can protect me then. 

Who knew I'd be writing frequently about cockroaches? Sick. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Exploring Memphis

Okay, okay. I was quick to judge. Really quick to judge. But today despite adding two more roaches to the talley, we decided to explore a little bit of downtown. I essentially was going to go for a coffee run and to drop a few things off at FedEx alone but changed my mind when I found myself packing a small defense mechanism in my purse. This chick is packing. Okay not really but I think that would make this story a little more interesting. It was a small pocket knife. Anyway, I invited my roommate and the toddler to join.  

Before I begin.. let me just update you on what it's really like meeting a fellow blogger in person. We made plans to go to the baseball game together, convenient for me I know, and it had been raining on and off all day. I tried to back out, cause I hate rain delays but my fellow blogger convinced me that hanging out in the rain could be fun. So I went.  We didn't plan very well. I was trying to find a girl with the red rose pinned to her jacket when I realized I never told her to wear a red rose. Instead I just began looking around and I felt like a creeper. Then alas we found one another and it was like seeing a long lost friend you haven't seen ever. I don't know if she felt as funny as I did (only for a little bit). Usually when you meet someone new you talk and get to know one another. Since we read each others blogs that part was already taken care of. Insert cricket chirps here. Okay not really we had a great time chatting about previous jobs, which we have all had in the sports industry, and our favorite spots in Memphis that need to be checked out. The game ended up being cancelled. We plan to meet up again soon without rain hopefully and I'm looking forward to it. If you have opportunities to meet up with your online friends - DO IT! Okay sorry for being rude and not introducing you, my new friend is Alyssa from Ten Feet Off Beale. If you have time you should check her out. No, check her out even if you don't have time. She is a Jersey girl turned southerner. I guess the south is easy to love.

Happy to meet one another finally...
sad it rained on our parade game.

Back to Memphis' good side and the coffee and FedEx trip. After we got our coffee we went to the top of The Peabody hotel. It's a pretty significant tourist point in Memphis and worth checking out the view from the top.

The Mighty Mississippi

The Peabody

The Mr's Office

The Peabody Lobby

The Peabody Ducks

Memphis Brewfest - always something going on downtown.
That's just a few reasons why I enjoy Memphis. We plan to keep exploring and discovering the fun historical parts of the city and of course I'll share them with you.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blogging & A Sale!

I'm a tiny bit debbie downer today and not because I had to kill another roach last night. Let me tell you, when I go a week without blogging it's two things, freeing & annoying. Freeing because I don't feel obligated to update about the goings on of daily life. Annoying because in my mind I write the most genius blog posts and then can never get them documented to save for later use. I'm glad to be back. But if I had to be gone four more days with out blogging because I was at a blogging/creativity conference in SLC Utah, I wouldn't be complaining. I'm not though. After attempting to win a free ticket, twice, I decided this isn't my year to go. 

I love my blog I do, but to be honest I write it for me and Brandon so when we are 80 and can't figure out how to work whatever electronic device is being used, someone out there can enjoy it for us. I'll admit, it's great sharing with others this glamorous life so many people assume baseball players and their wives live. I just told you I've killed FOUR roaches in our new apartment remember?!

Once you start this whole blogging adventure you get sucked in. I've ventured deeper into the blogosphere and met some pretty darn cool people. People that I hope I get to meet someday. Friends that have so kindly complimented shop items. Bloggers and shop owners who I look up to and know that they once started small too. So right now as we speak many bloggers are gathering for an awesome conference filled with creativity and next year I hope to join them. I can't help but be encouraged by some of my favorites who so kindly - okay I had a great sentence but basically this is what I'm saying without the fluff. 

Kellie a blogger/shop owner/friend/momma/southerner that I think is the BOMB.COM bought a clutch of mine a few months ago. She is at this conference and I woke up to this on my Instagram feed. A few months back she even featured this little bag on her blog. I may hire her to do ALL product photos for me from now on. 

Just to clarify, I didn't wake up at 11:46,
 that's just the time of the screen shot.

I can't explain the smile that came across this girls face! I'm so grateful, and inspired, and anxious for BD's game to be over so I can go restock my orange fabric!! He has errands to run to so we are gonna carpool, cute isn't it. 

I was thinking of making a cross breed of the fold over clutch and this new little mini. So a pleated fold over clutch perhaps. I like it!

I'm bringing in the new vintage clutches, soon I promise, some pleated mini coin purses, some pleated clutches, and some vintage minis. With all of this said, I'm ready to clear out the shop for some new items. I have marked down ALL items. Shop now and help make some room for the new!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Memphis. I'm not quite sure what to make of this place yet. But we have internet as of today and it's accessible in our entire apartment, not just the stairwell. 

From the beginning which should have been Thursday we had a rocky start. Our apartment wasn't ready due to some small maintenance issues. Graciously they allowed us to stay in the guest suite. The 'us' I'm referring to is our roommate's dad, whom I've never met in my life. He was driving up their vehicle. Guess I should back up already. We are living in a two bedroom apartment with another couple and their 22 month old daughter. I quickly realized there will be embarrassing moments when you don't live on your own.  

It was confusion from the beginning with all the keys, garage tags, leases, and parking, but I was delighted to see my husband finally at 5:30 a.m. Nothing says I love you like bed head, puffy eyes, and morning breath.

Friday we got into our apartment. Our apartment is unfurnished. We rented a bed for each room, a couch, table and chairs, and another sitting chair for the living room. We felt like we brought a ridiculous amount of stuff we didn't need but in reality we didn't. Okay maybe we didn't need to bring a small craft room but we did. I'm glad too cause I really enjoy sewing each night and hearing the announcers at the game out my bedroom window. 

Makeshift night stand

We forgot the can opener.

After BD went to work I made a grocery run. If grocery shopping isn't bad enough I feel it's especially painful now. The grocery store I almost feel comfortable going to alone is only ten minutes away. Before I unload the groceries I sort the 'must be refrigerated now' with the 'they are fine til later' bags. I grab the high priority bags, and load as many on my arms as I can, head down five floors on the elevator, across the street into our building, into our apartment. It is quite the task.

I also delivered our roommates dad to the airport in time to make it back to help our roommates wife and child move in. Then Saturday her car was towed we went on a little adventure, in a not so great part of town, to retrieve it. 

We had company in on Sunday for the game. Brandon's family and one of his college teammates/best friends surprised him and the family I used to nanny for all came down. The nine game losing streak was finally broken. 

I'm slowly getting used to downtown living and the fact that we will always have people walking by our first floor ally facing apartment. The noise will hopefully become second nature to me but the loud trolley is not the easiest to get used to. I'm becoming quite heartless when it comes to any six legged critters that cross my path. We haven't had shake 'n pour pancakes, but instead cinnamon rolls, lasagna and tacos. I've missed cooking and can't wait to try some of the recipes I've put aside for later.  

I've also lost my beautiful scenery I use for my product photos and may have to come up with an indoor alternative. I'm open to any suggestions you may have. Also don't worry I have located and been to the nearest JoAnns. I have covered the basics - grocery store, Chick-fil-A, & JoAnns. 

For now though, this is our home and as long as we are together the rest really doesn't matter. 

Okay so I have a funny and not funny story I MUST add... and this is live time as I'm writing this by the way.

I took this photo of our room to share. I quickly realized the bed wasn't really made and there is clothes and junk everywhere. Cue ten second tidy.

So I went in our room to re-take the photo.... 

Much better right? WRONG!!! 

This guy was hanging out in MY ROOM!!! 

I'm really sorry if this is disturbing to you. It is to me! I now need to make a dreaded grocery run for some RAID. That brings the roach tally to three, which is three to many. BARF! Officially heartless.

P.S. It's Winstagram Wednesday be sure to check it out....@larnlevydickson.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Looks & Random

First, tomorrow morning I'm packing up again and moving to Memphis. For real this time. Since we won't have internet hooked up until Tuesday I thought I'd leave you with a wee ol meaningless post to hold you over. I've been staying in MO with my parents while BD was out of town on their first long road trip. No sense me being lonely when I can be home with my crazy family. Which brings me to this. My new look. Not really, I don't need glasses. I thought glasses were the new fad. Apparently these aren't the new stylish ones. 

Don't I look adorable? Actually I look almost exactly like my brother Jake. Freaky I know. It gets goofy around here when my family is home. All six of us were together over Easter weekend, no +1s and we had a good time. 

Normally Easter week is for coloring eggs. This year I decided to color something different.

This girl has NEVER, not once in my whole 24 years and 11 months of life have I ever put any color on my hair. I was scared but I did it anyway. Ombre much? I'm thrilled with my BOLD decision. But it's just hair and I can color it back if I change my mind.

Today I may have stooped to a new low in spoiling my husband. I've been driving his truck and I'm either super paranoid that it's going to get dirty or I really love him and treat it exactly like he does. I'm a little on the messier side. I don't mind a car that looks lived in. He on the other hand has it empty at the end of everyday. So today I headed to the car wash, with a step stool. I'm 5'6 so not that short but I can't reach the top of that bad boy. Silly? No. Genius I tell you. Plus it made him happy to know I cared so much about getting the top clean too.

And finally to top off most of the nothingness that is this blog post. I started this thing that has just caught on. This is the third week of Winstagram Wednesday. I find something usually at random from my craft box that is already made that hasn't been sold or given away and I then give it away. It's usually and hour to two hour window late Wednesday night. All you have to do is comment to enter. Since there aren't too many entries, I write them all down and pull a name from a bowl. Yes please picture it just like hunger games! I've really enjoyed giving something I've made away each week and I think I'll continue to do it. Hope you'll join me next week...from Memphis!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vintage Darlings Are Born

Me: I think I'm going to pick up a new pair of some color skinny jeans, they are in right now.
Brandon: Who says?
Me: It's all over right now. It's just in.
Brandon: But why? Who decided that its 'in'?
Me: I don't know I can't explain to you how fashion works. It's just popular right now.
Brandon: Who says that though? Which person decided that and told the whole world?

We go round and round. I can't convince him if it's in or not, and if it is, he will never jump on the bandwagon. He will stick to his greens, blues, grays, browns, and of course Camo for the rest of his life because to him, camo is always in.

I'll admit my closet is not real up and up with what is in as far as fashion goes. I wear what is comfortable to me and what I think is cute, and of course things Brandon likes and sometimes things he doesn't. 

As a tiny shop owner of some clutches and wristlets I try to follow the current trends. Maybe that isn't a good idea and maybe I should make what I like instead. If I did that though, I would probably hoard all my new designs and not be able to share these with everyone else.

It has occurred to me that thrifting and vintage clothing are a hot item right now. Brandon if your reading, don't ask me why or who decided this, it is what it is. The last time I went shopping for fabric all the pieces I picked in some way reminded me of my grandma Norma. She liked to quilt, owned a farm that my siblings and I reminisced about all weekend, and could cook something fierce. 

Today as I was shopping for fabrics, I ooh and awwed over pretty much the entire store. I spent the first fifteen minutes documenting my new-found obsession for fabric. Years ago my mom couldn't drag me into a fabric shop. Anyways, I kept finding myself being drawn to some of the most classic old fashion and some pretty ugly pieces. Don't get me wrong I loved all the new bright color and geometric shapes and patterns but before I knew it I had several bolts of the old fashioned looking stuff in my arms.

And that's how my next little project was born. Tonight I worked on a prototype and brainstormed to see if this was going to work the way I planned in my head all afternoon driving home from shopping. I'm super giddy about it. So much that I knew if I didn't just write out how excited I was, I'd be up all night thinking about it. Now instead I'm up late writing about it. 

I completed my first clutch, that I have to keep for myself because it's to live for cute, (I'd never die for a clutch's cuteness, just saying) Then, we started going through my mom's fabric stash. Some good, some bad, and some just uggggaly. I ended up with this whole stack of fabric perfect for my new vintage line. Love love love.  

Until I can show you more, I'll leave you with a sneak peek. I'm so in love already. I have very high hopes for the new clutches and I hope you will love them. These mean more to me already than any of the other things I've sewn because they have so much meaning behind them. They remind me of my grandma and quite a bit of the fabrics are from my mom. I think know my grandma would be proud of her little quail.