Monday, August 15, 2011


I would say we could blame all the football mumbo jumbo on the Vicodin but that isn't the case. Why would I have a prescription for Vicodin anyways you ask? Good question.

I have been experiencing quite the toothaches since the first MAJOR onset of this last Thursday when I could have sworn I was having a panic attack. Tears. Dry heaving. Toothache. Cheek bone ache. Ear ache. I felt like it spread like wildfire and it was scary and over in less than 15 minutes. Then over the weekend the toothache had its moments but I snacked on Ibuprofen through all the wedding registry festivities. Do you remember me talking about fever I had a few weeks ago? Yep all that is linked to my grill. 

I decided after all the pain and agony I should just call the dentist to let him have a looksy and tell me what was wrong with my chompers. I did after talking myself out of making the call several times. They said come today we'll squeeze you in. So I ditched the kids on their mom, what a lovely Monday surprise for her, and proceeded on my merry (not so merry) way to the dentist. 

Once I was in the chair it took about two minutes for him to suggest pulling those useless wisdom teeth. Two shots here or was it four? Numb there. Little bit of pressure and some uncomfortable crunching noises. Wam bam and therrrrrre outtttttta herre!  (Working on my umpire calls) 

Long story short, I forgot to add make much needed dentist appointment on my game plan, maybe on purpose, and so the fact that I went and took care of this HUGE problem, on a MONDAY none the less, I'd say TOUCHDOWN! Does that answer the Vicodin question? Don't worry, this pain is nothing compared to the toothaches so I'm not having that baby filled.

I'm going to quit being a weeny now about the dentist.I actually found one that when I leave I'm actually giddy! I go back in a few weeks to have the pearly whites cleaned and inspected and I'm pretty excited! I ended the day with a minor crafting adventure that was awesome and took my mind off the minimal pain I'm experiencing. 

Want to see a picture of those tiny little pain causers? Its gross. I'll spare you. Ick! 

Google Images : Tooth

Enjoy your Toothsday.  I sure will & pain free! :) 

Just for fun can you find all the different names I used referring to my teeth? 

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  1. Aw! Sorry you had to go through that. I HATED having my wisdom teeth taken out and in fact, I even remember telling people it hurt worse than having my little guy (I had a c-section before any moms get crazy on me. It was actually quite easy). Glad you're feeling better though.

    * grill, chompers, pearly whites, pain causers :D