Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What He Is Thinking

Hey, guess what I see when I look to my left? My future hubby's gorgeous blue eyes. I can't tell you how long we've talked about our perfect set up and today we begin the journey. It's so nice to look over in the next room and seeing him chilling on the couch.

 If I had to guess what is going on in his mind its something like this...

"I'm so glad to be out of the city of Memphis. We had some good times but for real, I'm glad to be gone. No looking back. Now instead of hanging out with two dudes that I already spend enough time with, I get to spend time with my beautiful lady. Not only that, I get to eat some home cooking. My future mother-in-law loves to spoil me. No seriously I didn't even do anything and she just loves to cook for me. One time she sent me a cheesecake in Lauren's checked bagged. Ha. I'm not really sure what the next month is going to be like living with my fiancee and her parents, can't be that bad right? I reckon that's not my biggest concern at the moment, I have to pitch to Prince Fielder Thursday and the rest of the Brewers. At least I have a comfy bed. I wonder what they are going to cook me for breakfast? Maybe some chocolate syrup and biscuits, dang I'm gone eat real good here...."

Yep I think that's probably exactly what he's thinking. 


  1. lovelovelove. You are too cute.

  2. Good luck living with the parents! I like your site and look forward to reading more.