Monday, August 29, 2011

Busy and Blessed

I keep whining and groaning that I have such a busy week. I'M SORRY for the negative attitude. A lot of things are culminating and it's somewhat weighing on me. 

Wedding: Uh... yeah. I am the worst wedding planner. Ever. But my bridesmaids have ordered dresses (yeah that's plural he he) and mother of the bride has a dress and well, that's the extent of recent progress. 

September Call Ups: Brandon has been recalled by the Cardinals and will be joining the team on Thursday for his first big league start. This means he will be joining ME here in STL for the remainder of the month. I am thrilled beyond words! We have talked about this arrangement for quite some time. He will hopefully be able to help me make some progress planning. Just him being here is going to help a ton. This resulted in needing to do some pretty hefty house keeping for our guest. Thankfully I got home from work this evening to this already taken care of for me. Seriously, thanks MOM!

Family Health: Brandon's grandfather is currently in the hospital with several health issues. He was in the hospital the first time BD got called up and had a successful surgery and very positive recovery. As of late, things have taken a different turn and a few other issues have arose. It makes it even harder that neither Brandon or I can be with him during this time. We are needing lots and lots of prayers for him, please and thank you.

Work/Blog: I have a vinyl order I need to get cut and delivered. No biggy, that will be done in an hour. I'm participating in a giveaway for another blog next week and in the mean time, I am trying to prepare and get product photos taken for the future Etsy shop and not let my blog, that I feel is finally starting to take shape, fall apart. 

Oh yeah did I mention my dad wants to road trip to Milwaukee for the game Thursday... guess I will just have to be productive in the car. Time to embrace and be thankful for the busy and blessed days ahead.

Matthew 6:34 
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. 
Each day has enough trouble of its own. 

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  1. Safe travels and good luck tomorrow on his first start! We'll be watching!