Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fall Means

My posts may become a little less frequent. I feel guilty for not using any free second I have either working on new pieces for my shop or planning our wedding. Don't get me wrong I wish I could stay up until three in the morning and still function for ten hours the next day with two toddlers begging for my attention, but I can't. I've tried.

Anyway I was getting the itch for fall to get here with cooler days, but before that happens for good, a heat advisory is in effect for tomorrow. Even more reason to look ahead to wonderful fall days.

When fall does start appearing I will be ready because:

Fall means gorgeous colors and weather.
Fall means wearing jeans and boots.
Fall means college football Saturday and NFL Sundays.
Fall means its okay to drink hot coffee again.
Fall means another summer and ball season have passed.
Fall means bonfires and hayrides.
Fall means sweaters and jackets.
This year, Fall means I become a wife.

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