Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Proposal

Brandon and I have been dating since August 4, 2009 and on December 24, 2010 we got engaged!!! I was always curious of how he was going to ask me, but I knew it would be something clever.  

As I was wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve to be taken with us to Missouri he casually told me he had one more present for me, but that it isnt wrapped and that he couldn't wrap it. I'll admit my first thought was a ring. I then realized the only thing on my list that was unable to be wrapped was for me to get to drive his Avalanche. I don't know why I wanted this probably because he would never let me. =)

Around 7:15 p.m he then decided to tell me he sent me an email. I proceed to ask if I needed to check it then, is it a cheesy forward, why did you tell me you sent an email, etc. This is what I opened up.

So I grabbed a little yellow tablet and and start trying to solve the puzzle as quick as I could. I struggled with a few questions but Brandon decided to help me out. The clue was 'Behind the Family Pictures.' At this point I am super nervous. I am actually afraid to go hunting whatever is behind the pictures. I played dumb for a few minutes so I could prepare myself for what I thought was about to happen.  Then I really had NO clue what pictures I am supposed to be looking behind. This is where it was hidden...

Clever right? Behind the FAMILY pictures. This is what was hidden.

There was no key or even a lock on this magic book. So I stared shaking and tugging on it, everything to try and get it open. I hears something in the box so I got even more excited. Brandon sat for at least ten minutes letting me get frustrated before he decided to help.

In the box was....are you ready.... the key to his truck. 


I teased him, and I believe my exact words were, "If you did all this just to let me drive your truck, your proposal better be even better." I would soon find out that it was part of the proposal.

We then left to go drive around and look at Christmas lights. I was pretty nervous to drive his truck. I think because I know how much he loves it. 

 As I got into the truck he told me, " I think we need to pray together."   GREAT!! We had discussed on many occasions how great it would be to pray together and the FIRST time he decided we do it was because I was driving his truck. I found it quite humorous (and was maybe a little offended).

We made it back to the house safely. We had been wanting to watch some of the video footage we shot in the last week on our new camera. We had taken it with us to the Christmas lights in Georgia and also I had taped Brandon shooting his new gun. At the end of the video (I wish I had the good footage) Brandon appears with a special message to me saying how happy he was that we got to spend the holidays together and is looking forward to many more. I was laughing hysterically.

Instead we decided to read from our couples devotional book. We always randomly select our reading and Brandon chose for us that night. This is what he picked.

I thought it was a tad suspicious but 3 hours later the proposal was finally out of my mind. We sat on the couch talking and he brought up the prayer he prayed for us before we left. He had asked me if I really listened and knew that he wasn't exactly praying for our trip to town. He was praying for our future life together. As he was explaining this he slid off the couch onto his knee with box in hand. I do not remember how many times I asked if he was joking. I did say yes, hugged him for what seemed a really long time, and thanked God for putting Brandon in my life, and Brandon for this beautiful ring!

I am SO excited about becoming Brandon's wife I could not have asked for anyone better. I loved his proposal and for anyone that knows Brandon, knows it is exactly something he would do. I am nervous about planning a wedding. No date has been set and it may be several months before anything is decided! My mind is already going crazy though for things to make and create for the big day. I also got the job at the bank which is perfect timing. I hear weddings cost money. Again, God is faithful and knows what He is doing.

Oops one more picture I think is important, future husband and wife!


Genesis 2:24
For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.


  1. Lauren, that's a great story! I love all the thought he put into it. And the ring is gorgeous! AND congrats on the job! Man, you've had an awesome couple of weeks!

  2. Looks like I started reading your blog just in time! Congratulations! I can't believe he spread it out over three hours! I'm glad you found an amazing person to share your life with.

  3. Thanks! I try to keep it involved with crafts and things mostly but since I've moved away I find it a great way to keep my family and friends up to speed on my life.