Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do You Ever Wonder?

What kind of music I like to listen to? Well it occurred to me this weekend when I spent many hours in the car that I have quite the assortment on my iPod and it might be fun to share the last eight songs I've purchased. It is random. 

#8 - Black Horse and the Cherry Tree - Casey Weston (The Voice Performance)

I really like the show and when I bought the song it counted for a vote too.

#7 - Hey Soul Sister (Tribute to Train) - Wedding Day music

I love the sound of the piano and mainstream songs in instrumental versions. I also thought this might help me get inspired in my planning. Or I could use it on wedding day. 

#6 - Price Tag - Xenia (The Voice Perfomance) 

Good song. Its not about the money, money, money

#5 -  Wanna Take You Home - Gloriana 

Heard them live at the itty bitty fair in town AND loved this song.

#4 - Lift Me Up - The Afters 

Great Christian song that lifts me up.

#3 - The Light In Me - Brandon Heath

Another Chrisitian song that I love.

#2 - Just A Kiss - Lady Antebellum

One of my favorite country groups of all time. 

and.... are you ready for this?

#1 - Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5

Heard this live on the Voice and of course Adam Levine is a cutie! Oh yeah and mostly because sometimes I have dance parties in my car and LOVE some upbeat jams!

What about you? Do you typically download all one genre or are you like me and when you hear a song that you love you add it to your playlist?

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