Sunday, July 31, 2011

Now and Then

This weekend I got a nice lesson on jealousy, a chance to till up old memories, and see some of my very special friends. I've made it a point to learn from every experience and situation I am in. Sometimes I don't recognize or learn right away but I still give it a shot.

These were my first friends when I moved off to college. Emily and Teresa were my neighbors in the dorm. Meggie was friends with my brother before I even moved to Columbia and she lived on the floor below us. We all clicked and we all bring different personalities to the group. I promise you would laugh if you got to hang out with us. We spent lots of time together. I can't even remember all the things we've done but we continue to be friends to this day and I am so grateful. 

[Emily, Teresa, Meggie, Me]

So fast forward from the college days to today. We all currently live in different cities and don't get to see each other very often. In fact we don't really talk that much except for some Facebook messages or texts. We blame it on our busy schedules and daily life. Easy excuse. But these are the friends when you get together, its seems no time has passed at all and things pick up where they left off. Time has passed and now Meggie and I are both engaged and getting married within the next three months. 

Her bridal shower was yesterday bringing us all back together again. It was an awesome shower at her mom and dad's home. Major props to the maids and moms they will get their own post for the food and decorations soon. This is also where the wedding will take place. It is seriously going to be gorgeous. And as we were looking around at everything I was overwhelmed with jealousy, and I hated that I felt this way. There is six weeks difference in wedding dates and I was freaking out inside with all the wedding talk. All the details, things I have overlooked and don't have planned. There were so many things that I loved that she is doing for her wedding that I want to do for mine. I don't want to be a copycat though.

I prayed that my heart wouldn't be jealous about a zillion times. And then something happened after the shower, after we had assembled all the programs (which may have been my favorite and funniest part of the night), after I had come to realize that my wedding will have its own uniqueness and timing and will, in the end, be wonderful  and exactly what I want. God answered my prayer, and quick. Meggie offered for me to use any of the decorations of hers I wanted after her wedding was over. {Heart sinks}

I was so worried about doing things she was doing and that she might be upset if I copied I was blindsided by the offer.  Then I kicked myself and the flood of jealousy retreated and my heart was overwhelmed with thankfulness for such a good friend. She has shared part of her bride gene that I am so desperately in need of

I drove home today feeling an insane amount of joy for my dear friend. I know she truly appreciates all her friends and family and love that they have shown her through this amazing time in her life. We forgot a picture of our foursome that probably has grown to more than just four but none the less we all love Megs just the same. I couldn't ask for a better friend, I'm so blessed!

[Meggie and her bridesmaids]

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I am...

Y'all want to see something pretty neat? Click on the link below.

It isn't a virus, I promise. It is this newerish blog that features photos from followers and today....she picked MINE! Thanks Megan!! Each month she hosts a different theme and takes submissions via email. This is one of my favorite photos of the summer and I thought what the heck, I'll send it on in. So what are you waiting for? Go see what its about. 

For those visiting from ' I am..' huge THANKS for stopping by. If you want to read more about the man in the photo you can here, here, & here. Or if you're not a baseball fan I have a giveaway/tutorial going on now too you can take a peek here. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Easy Headband Tutorial & Giveaway

Tutorials are way more work than I thought they would be. Make the product step by step. Take photos along the way. Make sure hands and nails don't look nasty, or at least I did because I'm weird like that. Model the finished product or find someone to model. Edit photos. Watermark photos. (which I tried for the first time, hopefully it gets easier OR I get a program that makes it easier) Realize photos are forgotten to explain the tricky parts. Then post and explain everything. Enough about how hard it is and I'm excited to share my VERY FIRST tutorial. 


7/8" gross grain ribbon 

1/4" braided elastic (black or white)



Cut between 15 and 16 inches of ribbon color of your choice.

 Cut 5" elastic.

Hold flame near end of the ribbon, not on it, to finish the end preventing frays.

Fold top half over elastic and sew down. 

***If you are using ribbon that is not the same on both sides - sew elastic, like picture above, to the side that will show. You will see why in a few steps. For example if you have a leopard print on side a and tan on side b, make sure the leopard print is side you are looking at and folding over onto elastic. Sorry there is no photo explanation. 

Fold bottom half over elastic sew. 

Repeat on other end. 

Almost done..

Flip ends in so that finished side shows. 

Wear any way. All ways. Enjoy your new headbands for summer!

That was fun. I want to do another one right now. They are worth the hard work. Can't wait to see what fun headbands y'all make. 

Now even though they are easy to make, I'd like to give one of these AWESOME headbands away to three lucky readers. Leave me a comment telling me which color or print you would love this headband in & where you would wear it. Winners will be announced Monday night. Go on now --- tell ALL your friends!

P.S Nail color is Fiesta by Essie

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Job Assignment Part I

I told you I was on a small excursion a few days ago and I don't want too many days to get past before I get to gush over some fun things I found. A good friend of mine's mom has a hobby that has turned into a way of making some dough. Dream come true for most people. I am try try trying so hard to get her to start her own blog and I think she should name it Corner of the Circle. Her house is delicious. If I knew I was staying in town for longer than three months I would write it for her, for free, so people can know how fabulous she really is. She has some serious talent, a gift from God, and I love that she shares that with others. I also think its awesome that we can chat in person about some of our other favorite blogs. I wish she would know she could blow them out of the water, EASY!

She has become a bargain hunter for some great, unique, one of a kind pieces of furniture. It is decor too, not just furniture. The stuff she finds is glorious or maybe it is how she displays it. Either way she does a darn good job. She used to hold a sale twice a season from her home of the pieces she has either refinished or left completely untouched. Recently she has rented out her own space at an antique store in a cute little town. Time out. Major props to her on this courageous step. Its risky these days. Time In. In my own opinion it is,by far, the best space in the store. Let me give you a photo tour. 

I just love this little fan. If i had my own place I would have snatched it. I know anything I buy now has to be moved later so better leave this for someone else to enjoy. 

These are CUTE little apothecary jars with fun embellishments. Seriously so adorable. 

My favorite thing about Corner of the Circle is her sense of humor. I also love that she passed the funny gene to her daughter so I get a double dose. 

Here let me zoom so you can see what this darling couple has to say.

I sometimes surprise myself with my photography skills. Not that this is anything wonderful, but I love the phrase and the antique look it has with the fabric and frame. 

I don't know what it is about this little guy but he is awesome! 

Well shucks, that did not do it justice at all. Currently her garage has TONS of large pieces of furniture that I cannot wait to see them once she adds her touch. Oh, did I mention her awesome husband helps with some of the handiwork. Wait and see she is gonna have a smash hit blog someday. I just hope she lets me guest post. 

Also if you saw anything you couldn't live without email or comment me and I will see if its still available.

Thought for the day - Do what you love, love what you do! 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Perks of the LDR

Long distance relationships are lots of work. They come with lots of sacrifice and a whole different suitcase full of challenges than an average relationship carries.  Even in all this I have found a few little perks that I have enjoyed while enduring this particular time in my life.  

As of right now I have no one to answer to but myself.  I can eat my meals at whatever time I like without worrying about someone elses stomach grumbles. I will say in the times that I have starved Brandon passed his feeding time he has been very patient.  I also cook what I am in the mood for and if I want to dine in my room then I most certainly will. My evenings are on a 'me' time schedule not an 'us' time schedule. I do enjoy this. 

This works because I often use my evenings to do any feminie primping such as a manicure,pedicure, or some eyebrow grooming. You know the stuff boys could not care less about. I just piddle and play and do what I please. I like to paint my nails before bed and this doesn't work so well when we are together. It doesn't work because typically I have to sit up waiting on the couch for my nails to dry when someone else is already getting snuggly in bed without me. At times in our relationship when we are together I try to make sure this is done in advance or when he is busy, so that I  don't waste our precious time together. 

Also in that category of  -things I put off until we aren't spending time together- is my love for internet surfing. I catch up on my favorite blogs and maybe some wedding research here and there, twitter, facebook, etc. I admit I spend way to much time online, but I know once November hits and I am a newlywed, the me schedule will be out the window!

One more thing I enjoy is that Brandon has plenty of time to go see his manly movies. There are some that I prefer NOT to see and the eight months apart give him the perfect opportunity for those mandates. He can also give me a heads up on movies that are worth going to see. In turn, my availability for girls nights is almost aways open. Its a win/win for now.

When the time comes and the LDR ends, I will be so thankful. It will be nice to have other suggestions for meals and some regularity, someone to keep my internet usage down, as well as having a positive influence to an earlier bed time. At least when we do have to be apart in the future I can look back on this list to remind myself of the few positives of being apart. Ahem, I also just want to take a second to pat myself on the back for thinking with my glass half full! BooYA! Yep, I said, "BooYa!"

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cha Cha Changes - Open Heart Window

In honor of reaching one hundred post and feeling super lousy, I got a makeover. Actually, kind.hearted did, and is no more. Poof. We had some great times together, but we needed something drastic. Drastic as in chop eight inches of hair off and die it the polar opposite color. Virtually I did this.

This morning when I woke up I had absolutely zero intentions of changing anything blog related. All I had was a plan for a blog post I wanted to write. So here I am editing and playing around with some stuff and something different jumps in and takes over my little typing fingers. It was exactly what I have been patiently waiting for. 

I've been wanting a different blog title. A title that really captures what I write about. Originally, kind.heARTed was going to be about the crafts and projects and arty stuff I make. Over time though, I have had fun writing about so much more than just my crafts. I have been thinking about this name change for many weeks. Today on my job assignment I realized something I really love that sparked some name changing. Job assignment = the fun little excursion I had to go on for a post I want to write. 

Changes sparked by old vintage white windows.

I think they are great. I love them in their normal function. I love them as a new piece of wall art. I. love. them. This little love fest I had over some old paint chipped windows gave me my new title idea: Open Heart Window. 

I write with an open heart and try to share that as much as possible. I write my opinions and feelings that stem from my heart window. And then it all meshed together in beautiful harmony to Open Heart Window. Now each day on my own blog I get the glorious eye candy I enjoy so much of chipped paint and glass. Simultaneously, I get to document the view from my own window. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

100th Post & Beyond

100 Posts already? No way! Thanks for being so dedicated and listening to my ramblings. It has been so fun to document recent happenings and parts of my life up until now. It is just getting good, I promise, and I will eventually get to the reasons why. 

I have an issue. It bascially goes like this. I have been focused on all the things I will be  losing as I get married and move instead of focusing and being excited on the brand new life I am gaining.

It is true. I'm half empty. I want to be half full. Actually, I want to be half full with a hole poked in the bottom of my cup so that I  can never get full. I always want to have my eyes ahead of me (us) on what great things are to come, not what great things have come and  are gone. Will I remember them? Yes, of coures! I want lots and lots of memories. But will I dwell on the fact that things won't always be the same? I hope and pray not. This will be a challenge. 

I told you I would get to the reasons why this blog is only just taking off. Here is just a brief overview of some things to come. Get excited, its gonna be, G-double O- D -GOOD!

Jobs: Brandon will continue persuing his career  in the BIGS and hopefully be joing me in STL again any day now. I will begin searching for a new place to call work in the upcoming months, but until then enjoy my days I have left as a Nanny. 

Wedding: Oh boy oh boy. Currently working with my bridesmaids to pick out their attire. Brandon has picked out his ring and I can't wait to share it with you all. It. is. AWESOME. I was unsure at first but am totally on board. I know his buds will give me major wife points, not that I care. As for the rest of the planning I am trying to shape up my vision and then go from there. It is going to be awesome and the next three and a half months somewhat insane but I am ready for it. I have been listening to some Hey Soul Sister (we I kinda love that song) in piano version to get wedding inspiration. Yeah, download it on iTunes. You won't regret it. Hmm songs to download, sounds like a good topic. Mooooving on to, oh ironic..moving!

Moving: It will be a job I know. I am already laughing at the moments he and I will have trying to get both of our junk organized and making it feel like our home instead of a bachelor pad. Hey Brandon did you know we will be getting a silverware divider, just saying. And then there may be some arguments, nothing to serious, over some camoflauge decor. It may also be fun to dabble in some DIY home-fixer-uping (technical I know), TOGETHER! 

Other Miscellaneous Happenings: Hunting trips as husband and wife, probably my first kill. Trial and error in the kitchen, his not mine. Living 20 minutes from town and why I'm not used to it. A possible furry additon to the family.  Ruff! And of course in a few years adding a human addition (or two)  to our family. Also to which I can already foresee a blog post about baby names. Sorry sweets, not Crawson and no Mason, and definitely not together. Did y'all catch that? No, it isn't funny and yes it has already briefly been discussed. 

So if this hasn't given you enough to be excited or slightly intrigued about then I'm sorry my life is boring to you.  Aside from all the fun and some seemingly scary adventures that I've just prompted you about, its pretty much going to be the best days of our life. I am thankful that he is going to be by my side, both laughing at and with me, and because he reads my blog. What a keeper!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summa Time

I have a brain teaser for you. What is cuter than an almost two year making friends with 'fwogs' and big sister learning that she can jump into the pool without someone to catch her? 

Are you stumped? So am I. You can keep searching for the answer, but you won't find one. Tricky me.

I absolutely love days like today. They define summer. Kids lathered in sunscreen. Hot vehicles to catalyst the moans and groans of the heat. T-shirts and shorts soaked from the time you didn't take to get completely dried off. Nasty tangled hair from the pool. Sunkissed skin. Popsicles or ice cream for a post swim snack. Piles of wet towels and swimsuits needing washed. Being sleepy and worn out. Happily repeating this all again tomorrow. {Sigh}

Ah the joys of summa-time. Thankful for these hot hot hot summer days and cool afternoon swims.

Where I Dabble

I'm pretty inconsistent when it comes to a routine, but that is life. I have lots of things I dabble in. Lets take crafting for example. I had been cranking out Blossoms for an event, steadily spending hours nightly in my craft area. (Note to self: start keeping a folder of awesome craft rooms you find on other blogs for inspiration) After the event I took a leave of absence. Now looking back I am not so sure I wanted it to last quite as long as it did, I have just been busy.

Tonight I ventured down to clear the cobwebs and dust. I wanted to work on something old that I never really gave a chance. My Silhouette machine is going to make it easy for me to start creating those unique paper dresses again. You can take a gander at those here. So I created a few or tried to anyway. I wasn't a surprise that I was unsuccessful. I will try again another night soon. But it was time to dabble else where, so I did. 

My mom is a sewing, embroidering, quilting bee. I have all the tools at hand to learn this trade and I will only have them for the next few months. I have hijacked the sewing machine for odds and end projects of my own, but I had a new project I wanted to work on. I'll give her the credit it was her idea she picked up on vacay. This past weekend we visited the fabric store and she may or may not have passed on her passion for fabrics. I found a book of patterns that I had to have and now I have a yearning to learn to sew. Yep, I know what you are thinking CRAFT HOARDER. We already went through this, don't you remember?  

Here are the pieces I picked out with the colors Pink, Lime Green, and Gray. We she has been practicing on some other projects but I won't give you a full reveal until mine is complete. It is a learning process for me so I am enjoying it as much as I can. I know I have a great teacher and will be excited when I can create my own patterns down the road. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Make a Difference

I want to make a difference. It is a huge aspiration to change one's life. I have that desire. I have zero clue how I will achieve this, but I like to think I have already began to make a tiny impact in a few lives. Luckily I will be sharing my life with someone who also enjoys impacting others. 

Today my husband-to-be got to make a difference. Brandon, a few of his teammates, a coach, and some office staff went to St. Judes Hospital in Memphis to visit with some kids. These are the player appearances that I find so gratifying. I get gratification from them and I am not even there, crazy huh? I can't imagine the joy on those children's faces getting to spend time with these guys. They have such an opportunity to impact lives on and off the field and I love that my man seeks and capitalizes on these chances. I am so proud of you! Thanks for impacting other's lives (and mine). 

1 Peter 4:10 
Each one should use whatever gift he has recieved to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Bride Gene

Were you born with a bride gene? It is the gene that causes you to dream of your wedding from the time you are a little girl until the time you find 'the one.' It must make planning easier because so much thought has already been put into this one particular day, right?

I wasn't born with this so called bride gene and neither was my sister. Her wedding took place in February of 2010 and I should have recognized immediately the challenges I would face due to the missing gene.

I think if you have this gene, you are aware of many traditions and try to plan your wedding somewhat by the book, whatever "book" or magazine this may be. One might be more inclined to stick to a timeline and all the wedding to dos. In all of my wedding planning I have purchased one magazine. Actually I take that back, it was a gift. I have not began following any wedding specific blogs. I have only browsed Pinterest for wedding decor ideas. I also read a great gift from a fellow bride-to-be, Inviting God to Your Wedding by Martha Williamson. It has great advice on keeping the focus on what exactly is happening on ones wedding day. Here is a quick reminder if you forgot.

Matthew 19:4-6

Haven't you read," he replied, "that at the beginning the Creator 'made them male and female,' and said, 'For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh'? So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate."

So why did I decided to write this little excerpt from my life? Our wedding is less than four months away and the majority of people will tell me I need to get on the ball. You are right. I need help. I need prayers. I need answers. I need to borrow someone else's bride gene. What I do know is the biggest decision has already been made when I answered to Brandon's proposal

I move on to the minor details with only 111 days to go. I'm not counting I promise, I just Googled a website to tell me. Now I feel fine because 100 days is a long time! I need a deadline, therefore I give myself 11 more days to make the decision that has been the hold up. Please let it be the right one.


It is summer, thus making it prime time for my mild case of OCD to be in full swing. I am always on the lookout for new colors or fun ways to paint my nails, toes and fingers. I was on a hunt for a 'shattered' or 'crackle' nail polish and found something that I think is just a touch cuter. The cashier at Sephora, where I was looking for a shattered polish, had a few of her nails painted this fun sparkly way with Teal and Gold. It was awesome! I knew I wanted to try it immediately. The look is created by concentrating glitter at just the tip or end of the nail. Its no real pattern but that is what makes it fun, you can't mess it up. 

[French Affair-Only Gold for Me-Wild About Shimmer]

 First you pick your base color. Let dry. I used French Affair by Essie because it was 50% off at Walgreens and a great summer hue. Then I used Wild About Shimmer brushing just on the tip. Finally I follow with a drop of Only Gold for Me on the end. I use my finger to push the polish back onto the nail. I tried using the brush but the big glitter chunks stuck and defeated the purpose. Its not the most simple way but it was the directions I was given. 

It is hard to tell how sparkly and fun it really is in pictures. I tried and tried to capture it, I did my best. I was wearing my favorite type of summer sandal: the wedge. These are by Unlisted and I believe I snagged the bronze beauties at Shoe Carnival for under $20. Let me know if you have any fun painting pointers.

I am linking up at 's Sundae Scoop. Go check out some other awesome crafty blogs.