Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mr. Black & Decker

My Monday's usually begin by dreading getting out of bed. Today was no different. But then I get to work and I round the corner and there is a tiny little toddler standing smiling at me in his jammies with bed head and I forget just how tired I am. That doesn't set back in again until about three or four in the afternoon. Then I leave work and I get a second wind. Thankfully, or I would be worthless every evening.

Knowing I have projects in mind to start I head to one of my top five favorite stores; Michaels. Are you thinking, "what could you possible need that you don't already have?" Well there is stuff, okay. Then I go to Lowes. Why do I love that store? I mean its so manly and huge and then you smell the lumber and all the pretty floor samples and hardware and you get the point its a good store. 

I was very glad to see Mr. Black and Decker again! I remember a while back we had a few good nights together and I'm not sure why we split. I vaguely remember an 'its me not you, can we still be friends?' conversation that ended things. I sanded away and while I did I had some great and random thoughts I'd like to share.

  • I do not miss buying college books this time of year. I overheard a college student behind me in the check out line at Michaels mention she dropped six hundo on books. Eek.
  • I'm glad my younger brother taught me to wipe down wood after you sand it the first time. This will let the grain raise from moisture, let dry, and resand. Then when you put the first coat of paint on the grain won't rise messing up the paint job. Make sense? I like learning these little tidbits of info. 
  • I like power tools and feel like super woman when using them. 
  • I'm going to ask BD to be my business partner. I think once I run my great idea by him he can't say no. Especially considering at this point in time neither one of us have a job this fall and because I know he doesn't like to tell me no, but he might.
  • The previous thought reminded me of my Ah Ha moment that I'm glad I've slept on for over a month. Well since I'm not going to pursue it at this time I'll share. I wanted to start a blog that networks all kinds of blogs and had a new guest poster every day. Did you know there are already TONS of those out there? Glad I passed on the job that would have been.
  • I really really love the smell of the lumber aisle at home stores and I left a few pieces I purchased in my car as an air freshener.
  • Another great idea popped into my head (in the shower like the last time) but I may wait and sleep on this one for a while too. Although I'm pretty confident if executed properly it could be something pretty neat. Its like friendship bread only it doesn't include a bag of dough and a 14 day process.

So all that happened between the sanding and painting. Gotta get all my crafting in early this week because I finally get to see my fiancee aka future husband aka new business partner this weekend! 

Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. 

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