Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Game Plan Week 2

Lets give this Game Plan thing another week. It kinda hangs over my head that I want to be able to cross stuff off! 

  • Get invites designed and ordered
  • Book tickets for honeymoon
  • Deliver headbands to giveaway winners
  • Work on small wedding projects - garter/candles sticks/Mr & Mrs signs/window decoration
  • Pick out wedding music
  • Find caterer
  • Decide on bridesmaid dresses 
  • NOT panic that the wedding is ONLY 82 days away
  • Get to bed before midnight all week.
  • Get a haircut
  • Friends bachelorette party
  • Dentist appointment

So yeah I pretty much fumbled. A lot.

Drawing Board:

  • Mail headbands to giveaway winners
  • Work on small wedding projects
  • Pick out wedding music -- suggestions?
  • Reserve block of hotel rooms
  • Find caterer
  • Find flowers and email florists
  • Decide on bridesmaid dresses, still up in the air. Navy or Olive?
  • Get to bed early
  • Order veil
  • Visit my goooood friend in San Francisco
  • Work on new headbands for potential shop

I personally didn't get much planned but I entered LOTS of information into some Google Docs which is pretty much going to help a ton. Also my mom and sister got my bridal shower invites done and they are SO cute. Can't wait to show you them in a few weeks. Seriously. Adorable! Hope you have a productive week. 

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