Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Warning: This blog post contains very personal information.
 Please don't judge.

It is almost opening day! Some of you have already made it clear you will be there. It's gonna be cold. Sorry I had to, but really who cares if it is cold. ITS CARDINAL BASEBALL!!  I have never been to opening day at Busch Stadium and I grew up a Cards fan, that just isn't right. I know my future holds an opening day...somewhere though. Its all about this lesson God is teaching me. We have been on patience for quite some time now. I am pretty positive the lesson has no end date, ever. 

Anyways I'm going to get my red on. When I say red I mean red nail polish. I have always wanted to blog about my OCD when it comes to nail polish (insert my fianc√©es eye roll here) because I like to think its somewhat crafty. Am I wrong here? But at the same time I do realize I may have a problem or that this is unusual. I'll risk sounding completely neurotic because hey, nobody is perfect. Anyways...take a look at the collection...SHEESH. I know it doesn't look that bad, but I love them and want more and more.

So it goes about like this... 
If it starts to chip, I start to pick.
If I start to pick, I pick and pick and pick until its almost ALL off. 
If Brandon pitches, I must make sure there are no chips to begin with. 
If there are...pretty positive I will have to redo them. Sorry darling I get nervous.
I kinda hate when I have pink nails and a red shirt on. 
I get bummed when I break a nail. 
I will strategically plan out when I paint them if I will be away from home over a weekend.
I do not like when one nail is short and the rest are long. 
If one goes, they all go.
I am not high maintenance I promise, but I cannot stand when I have chipped polish. 

I have had maybe three manicures in my life. Why... because I am positive I can do it better, for free, exactly how I like it. I know it sounds snobby but really people I know there is SOMETHING in your life you feel this way about.

 Now that I have confessed about my nail polish OCD I know I sound PRETTY crazy. Maybe someday I will get over this. For now, I have to go paint them before they start breaking. 

Here is some fun spring inspiration for your nails.

Yes I have tried this, with multiple colors of course. Enjoy.


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