Monday, July 12, 2010

All Stars & Stripes

Greetings from Bethlehem Pennsylvania!!! I will get to why I am here shortly.  So I have tried so hard to keep up to date with the holidays and my card making.  It occured to me on July 4th that I hadn't made one red, white, and blue (with stars and stripes) card! How could I? It is my favorite celebration! I LOVE when I can feel the explosion of fireworks echo through my heart, its awesome. The firework show I experienced on the fourth was not planned, we just pulled over in a parking lot to watch. Not what I had in mind.  I knew that following Saturday I would be experiencing a firework show down in Memphis that would be much better at Cotton (the boyfriend's) game. In Memphis they allow family, wives, and girlfriends to watch in the dugout..after my several visits there not experiencing this I decided I was once and for all going to get my front row seat to fireworks! Definitely made up for the mediocre show I saw on the fourth.

This was the beginning of our five days together, great start huh?  Brandon made the Triple A All Start team and invited me along to share in his success. I couldn't be a more proud girlfriend! He is definitely the greatest blessing I have received and with him has come so many more. I took this as an opportunity to make something special for him...

It is sometimes difficult to create something that is masculine when I usually use buttons, glitter, and ribbon.  However at wee hours in the morning after I was packed and ready to go...I came up with something. It is probably one of my favorite cards I've made. I even considered sending pictures into a magazine because I like it so much. I know he is always supportive of everything I make, so for once it i something for him.

"God has blessed you with talent and you have honored Him with it. He continues to pour those blessings on you and you are so deserving... "
 says his best friend Rebecca. I couldn't agree more!

If you think that is all, guess again. Of course my Mom was also proud of Cotton and his achievement, she wanted to do something for him too. If you remember in a previous post a while back, Baked Art, I told you how we actually packed a  mini cheesecake and flew it in my luggage to the great state of Alabama. A five hour car ride was not going to be a challenge. 
Check this out.

THANKS MOM! It was amazing. Because we were only in Memphis for less than two days we ate it for dessert, breakfast, AND even in the airport parking lot  without utensils before we could not eat anymore and had to waste about six bites, tragedy! Good thing I consider myself on vacation and am not concerned with how healthy this was for me :)

I will say that I have had my red,white, and blue fix.  I was really feeling bad about it, but was blessed with the opportunity for another great occasion to use my skills. Now that my blogging has gone on the road with me I am going to enjoy the next few days and the all star activites planned. Hopefully I can collect some memorobila to use in another project in the future. Congratulations again Cotton!

  Don't forget to recognize all the amazing ALLSTARS in your life!!


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  1. What an awesome card! He is so blessed to have you there supporting him. I am so ready to be in the same city with you so we can finally meet face to face. Have a great week... Talk to you soon.

    Rebecca Healey