Friday, July 29, 2011

Easy Headband Tutorial & Giveaway

Tutorials are way more work than I thought they would be. Make the product step by step. Take photos along the way. Make sure hands and nails don't look nasty, or at least I did because I'm weird like that. Model the finished product or find someone to model. Edit photos. Watermark photos. (which I tried for the first time, hopefully it gets easier OR I get a program that makes it easier) Realize photos are forgotten to explain the tricky parts. Then post and explain everything. Enough about how hard it is and I'm excited to share my VERY FIRST tutorial. 


7/8" gross grain ribbon 

1/4" braided elastic (black or white)



Cut between 15 and 16 inches of ribbon color of your choice.

 Cut 5" elastic.

Hold flame near end of the ribbon, not on it, to finish the end preventing frays.

Fold top half over elastic and sew down. 

***If you are using ribbon that is not the same on both sides - sew elastic, like picture above, to the side that will show. You will see why in a few steps. For example if you have a leopard print on side a and tan on side b, make sure the leopard print is side you are looking at and folding over onto elastic. Sorry there is no photo explanation. 

Fold bottom half over elastic sew. 

Repeat on other end. 

Almost done..

Flip ends in so that finished side shows. 

Wear any way. All ways. Enjoy your new headbands for summer!

That was fun. I want to do another one right now. They are worth the hard work. Can't wait to see what fun headbands y'all make. 

Now even though they are easy to make, I'd like to give one of these AWESOME headbands away to three lucky readers. Leave me a comment telling me which color or print you would love this headband in & where you would wear it. Winners will be announced Monday night. Go on now --- tell ALL your friends!

P.S Nail color is Fiesta by Essie


  1. Hey Lauren! It has been awhile since I've seen you! I hope things are going well! Your blog is great and you are so creative...jealous! I saw your post on this wonderful Friday and I thought I would take a look. Thanks for the tips/idea : ). So here is my color/print and where I would wear my headband....
    I would love a black print/design ribbon or black with yellow or blue incorporated so that I could wear it to my new job starting in January to spice the 'ol outfit up a bit or to help me out with the hair on those mornings I may be running a little behind!

  2. Lauren! These are adorable! I would wear either a black or brown (I'm boring) :) to go with any outfit I may wear for "back to school"! All of my other headbands are the types I would wear with athletic wear and I need some baby friendly hairstyles to cut down get ready time!

  3. Lauren! Your tutorial was amazing! If I were to wear a headband I would want it to be floral print, something borderline hippie... because I'm a trendsetter like that. Plus I got new shoes that people keep telling me look "old." They're denim blue with pink roses and I love them. I would wear my headband to work. I am working ALL the time and people constantly ask about my blooms and I always tell them about you. In fact, one would be perfect for the fair and I might even buckle down and make one using your awesome tutorial. My other hairpieces are more fall, winter colors. I gave the summer ones away. Boo for me, yay for the person who has them! lol. Oh, and WATERMARKS!? Jealous! I threw a copyright on mine, but it turns out to be too much work for photos that I don't really, really like. You'll have to tell me your secret sometime... I feel bad always stealing your blog ideas! :s

  4. You girls are great! In the back of my mind I knew I would throw one on when I was running late, and I wanted something different than an athletic headband like I currently wear a lot.

    Karen the watermark I had to manually put on every photo, but I'm always on the hunt on other blogs looking for ways to improve my own. Thanks for commenting!!

  5. first off, you are beautiful!
    Secondly, those headbands are adorable and this is a fabulous tutorial! great job!
    xoxo, ashley