Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Wife

I found myself wanting to write to explain that Brandon's dream come true hasn't been fairy dust that has magically made our lives spectacular. Issues will arise no matter what career or profession you are in. I couldn't come up with the words. Actually, I came up with too many. Below is  only part of a devotional written by fellow baseball wife and I consider her a true friend who is seasoned with the ups and downs of marriage to a professional athlete. Enjoy. 

“So, what do you do?” I really hate that question. Especially being a baseball wife and knowing that the person asking it already has a preconceived idea of what they imagine the wife of a professional athlete does. I was asked that dreaded question the other evening by a well meaning pastor friend, who I knew was asking without any hidden intentions to hopefully expose some self-indulgent lifestyle, but nevertheless I groaned inside. I replied, “Well, I do pretty much whatever I have to do so that my husband can focus solely on his training and his career.” My reply was met with a blank stare. “So, what do you do?” he repeated again. I ran through the possible responses in my head: travel agent, auto mechanic, tour guide, realtor, mover, cook, laundry attendant, banker, tax woman, pet sitter, personal shopper, postal worker, landscaper, secretary, community volunteer, plumber, electrician and prayer warrior. However, I did not barrage him with all of the above – which, mind you, I have done before to other people who have asked that dreaded question and to which they usually reward me with a dull, “oh.” No, in this case, I tried a different tactic. I replied with the only thing that I could think of that encompassed all that I did. “I am a wife,” I said.

Yet sadly, to the world, the role of a wife is one that will never be quite “enough.” And as long as we are in this world, those of this world will never understand. Every day we see what happens to the structure of a marriage when the loving roles of husband and wife are neglected in favor of the world’s approval. Being a spouse is a big, tough job that takes serious commitment and daily refinement. The parallels throughout the Bible between the loving relationship of a husband and wife, and the loving relationship of God’s people with our Heavenly Father are deliberate ones. To be a Wife is a serious “job” of love that should never be dismissed lightly. Thanks Be to God - Kim Rundles

Her words were better than mine. Looking forward to my new job in November. 

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  1. Great way to put it. I don't really think it's easy to understand the life of a baseball wife. Especially this year! Man, my first year's experience out of the working world and into the roll of "wife" is not at all what I expected. But, I love it and you will too!