Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Job Assignment Part I

I told you I was on a small excursion a few days ago and I don't want too many days to get past before I get to gush over some fun things I found. A good friend of mine's mom has a hobby that has turned into a way of making some dough. Dream come true for most people. I am try try trying so hard to get her to start her own blog and I think she should name it Corner of the Circle. Her house is delicious. If I knew I was staying in town for longer than three months I would write it for her, for free, so people can know how fabulous she really is. She has some serious talent, a gift from God, and I love that she shares that with others. I also think its awesome that we can chat in person about some of our other favorite blogs. I wish she would know she could blow them out of the water, EASY!

She has become a bargain hunter for some great, unique, one of a kind pieces of furniture. It is decor too, not just furniture. The stuff she finds is glorious or maybe it is how she displays it. Either way she does a darn good job. She used to hold a sale twice a season from her home of the pieces she has either refinished or left completely untouched. Recently she has rented out her own space at an antique store in a cute little town. Time out. Major props to her on this courageous step. Its risky these days. Time In. In my own opinion it is,by far, the best space in the store. Let me give you a photo tour. 

I just love this little fan. If i had my own place I would have snatched it. I know anything I buy now has to be moved later so better leave this for someone else to enjoy. 

These are CUTE little apothecary jars with fun embellishments. Seriously so adorable. 

My favorite thing about Corner of the Circle is her sense of humor. I also love that she passed the funny gene to her daughter so I get a double dose. 

Here let me zoom so you can see what this darling couple has to say.

I sometimes surprise myself with my photography skills. Not that this is anything wonderful, but I love the phrase and the antique look it has with the fabric and frame. 

I don't know what it is about this little guy but he is awesome! 

Well shucks, that did not do it justice at all. Currently her garage has TONS of large pieces of furniture that I cannot wait to see them once she adds her touch. Oh, did I mention her awesome husband helps with some of the handiwork. Wait and see she is gonna have a smash hit blog someday. I just hope she lets me guest post. 

Also if you saw anything you couldn't live without email or comment me and I will see if its still available.

Thought for the day - Do what you love, love what you do! 

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