Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summa Time

I have a brain teaser for you. What is cuter than an almost two year making friends with 'fwogs' and big sister learning that she can jump into the pool without someone to catch her? 

Are you stumped? So am I. You can keep searching for the answer, but you won't find one. Tricky me.

I absolutely love days like today. They define summer. Kids lathered in sunscreen. Hot vehicles to catalyst the moans and groans of the heat. T-shirts and shorts soaked from the time you didn't take to get completely dried off. Nasty tangled hair from the pool. Sunkissed skin. Popsicles or ice cream for a post swim snack. Piles of wet towels and swimsuits needing washed. Being sleepy and worn out. Happily repeating this all again tomorrow. {Sigh}

Ah the joys of summa-time. Thankful for these hot hot hot summer days and cool afternoon swims.

1 comment:

  1. awww, seriously cute! I love summer, just took my baby to the pool for the first time yesterday!