Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where I Dabble

I'm pretty inconsistent when it comes to a routine, but that is life. I have lots of things I dabble in. Lets take crafting for example. I had been cranking out Blossoms for an event, steadily spending hours nightly in my craft area. (Note to self: start keeping a folder of awesome craft rooms you find on other blogs for inspiration) After the event I took a leave of absence. Now looking back I am not so sure I wanted it to last quite as long as it did, I have just been busy.

Tonight I ventured down to clear the cobwebs and dust. I wanted to work on something old that I never really gave a chance. My Silhouette machine is going to make it easy for me to start creating those unique paper dresses again. You can take a gander at those here. So I created a few or tried to anyway. I wasn't a surprise that I was unsuccessful. I will try again another night soon. But it was time to dabble else where, so I did. 

My mom is a sewing, embroidering, quilting bee. I have all the tools at hand to learn this trade and I will only have them for the next few months. I have hijacked the sewing machine for odds and end projects of my own, but I had a new project I wanted to work on. I'll give her the credit it was her idea she picked up on vacay. This past weekend we visited the fabric store and she may or may not have passed on her passion for fabrics. I found a book of patterns that I had to have and now I have a yearning to learn to sew. Yep, I know what you are thinking CRAFT HOARDER. We already went through this, don't you remember?  

Here are the pieces I picked out with the colors Pink, Lime Green, and Gray. We she has been practicing on some other projects but I won't give you a full reveal until mine is complete. It is a learning process for me so I am enjoying it as much as I can. I know I have a great teacher and will be excited when I can create my own patterns down the road. 

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