Sunday, June 17, 2012


The sun has set on another weekend but I hope you enjoyed celebrating the awesome Dad's in your life! 

I promised myself when I found out we would be living in Memphis that I would try to take in more of the city. After being here since Tuesday I tried a new restaurant downtown and went to the river twice. It was so pretty the first time that I had to take Brandon the second. We watched the sunset together and took some silly photos. I love that he is an outdoorsy guy and we can go enjoy these simple blessings together.

I know it isn't a huge accomplishment and doesn't really add many explore Memphis points but its a start. Although I'm not thrilled that I won't see my guy again for two weeks I'm looking forward to taking my favorite little tykes swimming, getting some sewing in, and jewelry making. I've been seeing some awesome beaded jewelry lately and have gobs of beads at my parents that I got years ago. I think its finally time to put them to use, we'll see. If you've seen or have any great inspiration - send it my way please.



  1. Pretty pictures! It's nice that you got the chance to enjoy such a beautiful view with your special someone.

  2. lovelovelove the pics. You two are so adorable!

  3. Love these!! So fun. I haven't tried photos like this with the sun.