Monday, June 25, 2012

More Travel

Hey y'all. I can say y'all today because I'm headed to Alabama today. Roll Tide. This is a half business/half fun little trip. Business because the main reason I am going is to drive back my vehicle that my parent's are taking from us. Right now they have one car with air conditioning and one without. When I get back they will both have the luxury that is cool air on these hot summer days. To break up the ten hour drive, I will be stopping in Memphis for two nights to see Brandon. I originally was gonna skip trying to see him because it was a short three game series at home. It all worked out though and I'm taking care of two birds with one stone. Don't worry no animals will actually be harmed although last week I did hit a bird in Big Blue. It's fault, not mine. I'm going on a few hours of sleep because I decided at 11 p.m. I needed a new tote/purse. It was worth it. Sorry to leave you hanging, I know your probably excited to see the new bags. Truth be told I have travel plans up until the 12th so I can't give you a date they will be available. I decided my life comes first and enjoying time being with my husband, friends, and family needs to be first priority. Also since I never schedule posts I don't know when I'll be stopping by here but I guess that's fun for you because you'll be surprised! Time to hop on the plane! Have a spectacular week awesome folks!! LD

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