Thursday, June 14, 2012


Well, I was planning on taking NYC...but that didn't happen. Oh well it gave another small town girl the chance to do the damage on that big city that I was planning. I did manage to embarrass myself with in twenty minutes of landing. My cab driver was foreign but he kept talking and I couldn't understand him. I kept apologizing and saying I'm sorry I don't understand.  Then he turned around and pointed to his blue tooth. I hate those dang things. I really thought he was talking to me. Fail. I wasn't in the city long -you can read that story here its a downer so finish reading this post first. 

Before I jetted outta town I did a little street walking. Not that kind. Maybe sightseeing is the better term.

Ben and Kristen so kindly invited me to their filming of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. What I didn't know was that they invited anyone else walking by on the streets of New York. I'll forgive them. This time.  

Do you love ads? If not.. don't go to Times Square. Me, I love ads. Especially ads that are like movies. Our hotel was one block from here so I got to decide which companies have the best advertising tactics. My verdict -- the Movie BRAVE is coming out soon. Pepsi wants me to LIVE FOR NOW. Then there was two HUGE Corona ads. Also I learned the NBA Playoffs are on TNT. But mostly I snapped this shot for my little brother. He is a huge Kobe Bryant fan. In fact I think for the last two Christmases I've been promising him an awesome poster of his favorite Laker. Here you go bro, I never break a promise. Unfortunately this one was attached to a building and I couldn't get it through airport security.

I was definitely a tourist for my short stay in the Big Apple but when people crowd around something going on .. I gots to check it out. These artists always fascinate me. How do you become one? Do any of you have these mad spray paint/spackle tool paintings? I didn't buy one just snapped this photo, probably illegally. I'm sorry Mr NYC artist. 

Here is a quick photo I snapped to send to my guy to a. help cheer him up because he missed me and just got sucky news and b. have proof for everyone that I was actually in NYC. I was thrilled can't you tell? Don't forget I just welcomed some not so welcome news. The way I see it. I made it to NYC and can cross Times Square off the bucket list. 

I sat here for a while taking in the sensory overload that is Times Square at night. I almost watched a drunk guy get arrested for not paying cab fare. Exciting stuff. 

Then I got hungry. So I mosey on in to Chevys.. yep Chevys. Immediately I walked in the door and u-turned it outta there. What are you doing idiot?? I had to find a dumpy little local place for grub not some chain restaurant burrito.  

Did I mention that I also didn't know how to get to my hotel room. Not the actual hotel. Just my room in the hotel. I've never been in a high rise hotel with an elevator for the lower floors and a separate for the higher floors.  I had to ask, embarrassed, but I did. Newbie.

So I guess I can thank NYC for teaching me something about myself. My common sense isn't so common when I'm nervous and in a new place. It's gone. Out the window. If I didn't just give you proof via the cab driver story and not finding my room I have several more examples but I'd rather not share. 

New York.. I'm coming for you again another day. You were warned and next time I won't be alone. 


  1. Lauren - I really laughed at this one. Mostly at the silly cabbie with his blue tooth and then I cheered for your U-turn out of Chevys. Good Job.

    xo Big City Cuz #1

  2. girl! I am impressed! I am not an independant person & you totally rocked NYC solo. still praying for you and brandon. love you sister!

  3. I've always wanted to see actors on set..that's SO cool that you saw Ben and Kristen. And of course they would invite you! hahaha

    That blue tooth stuff ALWAYS happens to me at work. One of my coworkers is ATTACHED to his and I always think he's talking to me, but he never is. So embarassing..I feel ya girl.

    Woah..your hotel sounds crazy! I would've asked too.