Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday's Letters - Take 2

I enjoyed Friday's letters so much last week I'm here for round two. 
If you don't care for these types of posts, I'm not making you stay but I would love for you to.

Dear Cat,
My sewing goes much quicker when I don't have to shoo you off my table ever two seconds.

Dear Pool,
Remember how I was coming for you this week? That is until little miss sunshine was being chased by her brother, smashed into the stair banister, and had to be rushed to urgent care. Now I can't see you until next week. All I can say is glad that didn't happen on my watch and she is doing okay. Little champ she is!

Dear Little Shop That Could,
All you needed was some tender loving care and some fresh summery color. You are going to be quite spiffy soon.

Dear Rudeman,
That's our family dog. I'm so glad you are doing better. None of us are ready to say goodbye yet. And if you're getting belly aches from extra dog biscuits, I'm sorry.

Dear 18 Yards of Fabric,
I will cut you.

Dear College Buddies,
I am in on the annual girls lake trip next weekend. I can't wait to eat Cheetos and get stuck in a rain storm and maybe make some new friends like boat jumper.  Also this time I won't forget a bathing suit. Who does that?

Dear Sister,
Please keep texting me comical humor from the internet. I really really enjoy it. Also I haven't forgotten about your birthday gift.

Dear Home Gel Manicure Kit,
You are awesome. I may leave Pink Smoothies on my nails all summer long because of you.

Dear Other Half,
I miss your face. See you on July 3rd. You better have sparklers or black cats or bottle rocket bombs. Until then, have fun in Omaha, New Orleans, OKC, and Memphis. I have some blogger friends in OKC, be sure to tell them hi but don't bring up baseketball. Sensitive subject. Also don't let those chocolate chip cookies go to waste or I'll be mad. How is the new luggage working? That's all really. I would have been okay just to say I miss you and love you but you know me I take the longer more complicated route every time I get the chance. 

 You really thought of everything.

                                                                                   Source: via Emily on Pinterest




  1. yay! loved these! you always make me laugh :)

  2. Love your letters miss! Found your blog on Ashleys page and wanted to say hello!

    Newest bloggy friend + follower of yours!

    Say hi back sometime?


  3. "Dear 18 Yards of Fabric,
    I will cut you."

    favorite. hands down. LOVE IT - maybe because i say that on a (too) regular basis.