Friday, June 15, 2012

Fridays Letters - Take 1

I've never written Friday's Letters before. I imagine myself sitting at a desk and it going exactly like Jimmy Fallon's segment 'thank you notes' music and all. There now you have a great visual to go along with my first attempt. You're welcome.

Dear sewing machine,
I miss your little foot. We are gonna have a major sewing party next week. I've been brainstorming some ideas for you. I think you'll like our new creations.

Dear husband,
It's been so nice to kiss your face, fall asleep, and wake up next to you the last few days. I'm soaking it up because before long we will be miles apart again.

Dear sister,
I hope you have a great birthday tomorrow. Wish I could be home to celebrate but I feel like we got in great quality time last week.

Dear brother, (the little one)
I'm sorry about your crappy week. I love that you always think I'm going to have some great relationship advice to give you. I'm singing 'Love Stinks... ya ya' to you right now.

Dear rain jacket and favorite blue dress,
I'm really sorry I left you in New York. I'm more sorry that I just realized you were missing yesterday. I'm still working on getting you back, not sure if I will have any luck though.

Dear swimming pool,
Next week I'm coming for you and I'm bringing the little monsters to teach them how to swim. Not just that I will be working on my tan too, but not without some SPF. 

Dear Big Blue Truck,
I love you, but you are so expensive to fill up. I initially thought filling Brandon's stomach was going to be the expensive part in this marriage. I clearly thought wrong.

Dear Lydia Holden
I am counting down for your big day this weekend. I realize that we have never met but I just can't help to be obsessed with you and your superman. 

Dear Little Shop That Could,
I am sorry for neglecting you. I think about you everyday and how I'm going to make you work.

Dear Self-Doubt,
Get out - I don't want you here. Period

Thanks for the great link up. I'm excited to meet some new friends. 

Dear  Awesome person reading this,,
It was probably a waste of your time but I'm glad you wasted your time with me. 



  1. hahaha perfect waste of my time :) xoxoxoxox

  2. Not a waste of time at all and keep the self doubt out! There is simply no room for it, if you ask me. Visiting from Friday's Letters link up.


    p.s. Don't hold it against me that I'm a Cubs Fan.

  3. How fun! I like Friday letters!