Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday's Letters - Week III

Hey all, just back for a jiffy and some Friday's Letters. Leaving again this afternoon to head to the lake for the weekend with some friends from college. To say I'm excited is an understatement. Anyway, I'll let you get on with your life. Have a good weekend.

Dear Little Blue, 
Little Blue is my old car, not to be confused with Big Blue Brandon's  our truck. Anyway..Dear Little Blue. You don't guzzle as much gas but you make me stop more often. I've trained myself to make it with one stop and you're cramping my style with your tiny tank.  Also I feel like I'm sitting on the road driving and the fact that you don't have XM radio makes me like you a little less. I still find enough music for my car dance parties. You haven't stopped me there.

Dear Favorite Blue Dress and Rain Jacket,
Remember how last week I thought I lost you? Eh well I only lost half of you. I found Blue Dress hanging up, where I left it. Thankfully my sweet man surprised me on Tuesday with a new spiffy rain jacket. All is well. Never letting that dress out of my sight again.

Dear Sister, 
Two funny texts this week. Are you kidding me? I mean seriously what do you do all day - get. on.the.ball. In other news. I will be mailing a small bit of your birthday present soon. I think I'm just going to spread it out for the next few months. Sound good to you - good.

Dear Mom,
Remember on Monday when we stayed up until 5 am sewing my new awesome tote? Yeah, I love it and thank you for helping me. 

Dear Holdens,
I looooved getting to meet part of the fam this week. Y'all are wonderful people. Already looking forward to the next visit.

Dear Fresh Garden Veggies,
It doesn't get much better than you. You're delightful smell is intoxicating. Something about the dirt and fresh tomatoes.  Get on it Yankee candle. 

Dear Scorching Hot Temps,
I don't mind you, you can stay, but only for a little bit. You're the reason I endulge guilt free in as many Icee's, Sonic Slushes, and Popsciles I can. Actually now that I think about it I don't need an excuse. I learned that Popsciles make it less hot from my Dad. When we were kids we would go down to the basement where it was cool and have ice pops. 

Dear Husband,
Thanks for making me giggle for a day and a half. You're the silliest person I know. Thanks for not telling me if I overcooked the okra or if that casserole tasted awful. I do believe you enjoyed both and completely forgot once you started in on the banana pudding. I can't imagine my life without you.  I'm sorry I left town and will you miss your game tonight, but you will do just fine without me. I feel it. Thanks for my new jacket - I love it despite what you think. You make me happy!




  1. I loved reading this!


    have a great weekend!

  2. husbands can be pretty cool sometimes :)

  3. you are so dang funny! how sweet of Brandon to get you a new raincoat :)