Thursday, June 21, 2012

Last Things Thursday - IV

Hey hey! I got to make this short and sweet today. I have lots of work to do. I have a whole new collection coming to laurendarlings. Collection? Really I shouldn't use words like that. I'm working on something new for summer and I'm about to go work my little fingers to the bone to get them ready for you!

The last thing I...

bought - gas, fabric, and the passion tea I'm drinking now.

got excited about - the fabric being on sale. I was seriously praying about this. I needed a sign to know that what I was doing wasn't all just a big idea in my head. This little sign confirmed my decision. 

tweeted - making dreams come true today..what are YOU doing ?!?! No one has yet to respond which I think means everyone is either busy working or at the pool. Not following me on Twitter land yet - now you can @larnlevy - you're welcome.

posted - ways to encourage your spouse. It's not a lecture don't be scared to read it. I thought it was funny, but maybe I'm one of those people who think I'm funny and I'm not.

did for someone else - the nanny called in sick so I played with the kids yesterday afternoon. Barbie even stopped by my IG feed to say hello.

tried new - #shereadstruth an online community to keep other woman accountable for reading the Bible daily. The new plan started today, and I'm really excited about it.

downloaded - Creepin' by Eric Church 

cooked - again I have nothing. My mom has been keeping the refrigerator stocked. Luckily she can duplicate Brandon's Mema's cooking pretty close and whipped up some Rice and Red Junk. Y'all will never get the recipe. So sorry.

gave away - this cute wristlet to @daisygirlproductions. Don't forget to check on Wednesdays over on my Instagram for a giveaway. Usually there are a few a month! Daisy please email me -

want you to do for someone else - compliment an online friend via your favorite social media. I'll go first.Sarah Halstead - thank you for the sweet tweet. I am for sure going to check out your blog when I have time. Your photos are AWESOME and your son is such a cutie!

That's all lovely people. I stayed way longer than I should have, but you're worth it!



  1. i keep seeing #shereadstruth and i want to know more!! what/where is it? that food looks DELISH

  2. I love your list of things! This is a great post, and you are a good person!! always doing good to others!