Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Digs

I present our new apartment. We landed a top floor corner apartment. Thank you to whoever set this up for us. It is amazing! If you remember our Memphis apartment and the roaches then you know I feel like this is a castle. Brandon took me on a virtual tour of our place and I am already in love with our new nest. The view isn't bad either. I can't tell you how thankful I am for this apartment - an answered prayer. This place is better than I imagined and we don't have to move throughout the season. Of course after seeing our new place I am ready to book my flight and go.
living room
 living room into dining room
master bedroom
 guest room - hello visitors
morning view
corner view
What do you think? Who wants to come visit?


  1. Looks very awesome! What an exciting new adventure you guys are on!!!

  2. It is just beautiful!!! Much better than what you had in the past ;) It looks so spacious! And the views are a definite plus!

  3. Very Clean look. I hope once you get there it looks a lil more like home for yal. :)

  4. wowie wow Lauren!! Looks like you will have it made! What a gorgeous view too! cant wait till you join your hubby!

  5. Lauren this looks so awesome! And I am envisioning that guest room being also a sewing room ;-)