Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Roach Motel

I shouldn't even be writing this post. I am utterly annoyed at this point in the roach motel I feel I live in. Now, before I go any further, I am aware that there are much much worse living conditions than the one I am in. Do I feel guilty for complaining about a few extra critters deciding to mooch off us for a place to live, yes. But you will agree with me, bugs are gross and are meant to live OUTSIDE?!

I honestly don't know why I am awake right now. Around 11 I was tired but being like a kid I fought it and found a zillion other things to do including paint my nails. Shocker right. Normally I sit at a table but tonight I decided not to. As I sat there on the bed I see something MOVING out of the corner of my eye. 


My days of cursing are behind me but I won't lie when I say I wanted to shout some nasty things to that defenseless little creepy crawly. UGH! You know I'm OCD about my nails but I grabbed my shoe and chased that bug down! He almost escaped under the door but I got him, then of course I check to see if I just ruined my fresh coat of paint. I didn't but that is definitely something that would be worth ruining it over. 

I calm my nerves and decide that turning the lights off to sleep is not something I'm ready to do after that drop in visitor. I sit on my bed not sure if I want to cry or scream. 

I kid you not I see something moving again! That freaking little bug wasn't dead! Now he was headed into my closet. NOT IN THIS HOUSE! I beat him to pieces and I'm not kidding, two to be exact. A proper burial was performed. I flushed him. 

I don't know the lesson in the situation that keeps bugging me. But God help me one day I can look back on this and laugh. It isn't normal that each time I walk into a room in my apartment I look down to scan the floor for critters. Or that each time I pick something up from the floor I shake it first. And we check the bed most nights before we get in. 

Tomorrow I am calling the leasing office and asking if they can have our apartment sprayed for bugs. Until then I'm sleeping with one eye open and all the lights on. Thankfully the Mr. gets home early early Wednesday and he can protect me then. 

Who knew I'd be writing frequently about cockroaches? Sick. 


  1. Seriously I would freak out too. It's soooo frustrating when you keep your apartment clean and yet you still have creepy crawlies! Roaches are the worst to me, I don't know why but they just are. I think because they symbolize filth? And because I used to play the Sims and when the roaches came, it meant you were slacking on your household duties. I wonder if you have disgusting neighbors?! All it takes is one tenant to draw them in and then they infiltrate the other apts as they like :( I know at my daughter's daycare they are having a constant battle with the Chinese food restaurant several spaces over roaches. They keep their kitchen spic and span but apparently this Chinese food place does not and so the roaches are constantly getting in there (yeah, glad I've never eaten there - nor will I EVER now).

  2. I cannot believe that, I am so so so grossed out for you!!! I had a roach in my apartment once. He snuck up on the ottoman while I was watching a movie with the boyfriend. I can remember it like yesterday!!! Screaming definitely ensued. Girl- they are HARD to get rid of! Good luck!!

  3. This is awful!! I am scared to death of roaches. I'd probably cry!