Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Memphis. I'm not quite sure what to make of this place yet. But we have internet as of today and it's accessible in our entire apartment, not just the stairwell. 

From the beginning which should have been Thursday we had a rocky start. Our apartment wasn't ready due to some small maintenance issues. Graciously they allowed us to stay in the guest suite. The 'us' I'm referring to is our roommate's dad, whom I've never met in my life. He was driving up their vehicle. Guess I should back up already. We are living in a two bedroom apartment with another couple and their 22 month old daughter. I quickly realized there will be embarrassing moments when you don't live on your own.  

It was confusion from the beginning with all the keys, garage tags, leases, and parking, but I was delighted to see my husband finally at 5:30 a.m. Nothing says I love you like bed head, puffy eyes, and morning breath.

Friday we got into our apartment. Our apartment is unfurnished. We rented a bed for each room, a couch, table and chairs, and another sitting chair for the living room. We felt like we brought a ridiculous amount of stuff we didn't need but in reality we didn't. Okay maybe we didn't need to bring a small craft room but we did. I'm glad too cause I really enjoy sewing each night and hearing the announcers at the game out my bedroom window. 

Makeshift night stand

We forgot the can opener.

After BD went to work I made a grocery run. If grocery shopping isn't bad enough I feel it's especially painful now. The grocery store I almost feel comfortable going to alone is only ten minutes away. Before I unload the groceries I sort the 'must be refrigerated now' with the 'they are fine til later' bags. I grab the high priority bags, and load as many on my arms as I can, head down five floors on the elevator, across the street into our building, into our apartment. It is quite the task.

I also delivered our roommates dad to the airport in time to make it back to help our roommates wife and child move in. Then Saturday her car was towed we went on a little adventure, in a not so great part of town, to retrieve it. 

We had company in on Sunday for the game. Brandon's family and one of his college teammates/best friends surprised him and the family I used to nanny for all came down. The nine game losing streak was finally broken. 

I'm slowly getting used to downtown living and the fact that we will always have people walking by our first floor ally facing apartment. The noise will hopefully become second nature to me but the loud trolley is not the easiest to get used to. I'm becoming quite heartless when it comes to any six legged critters that cross my path. We haven't had shake 'n pour pancakes, but instead cinnamon rolls, lasagna and tacos. I've missed cooking and can't wait to try some of the recipes I've put aside for later.  

I've also lost my beautiful scenery I use for my product photos and may have to come up with an indoor alternative. I'm open to any suggestions you may have. Also don't worry I have located and been to the nearest JoAnns. I have covered the basics - grocery store, Chick-fil-A, & JoAnns. 

For now though, this is our home and as long as we are together the rest really doesn't matter. 

Okay so I have a funny and not funny story I MUST add... and this is live time as I'm writing this by the way.

I took this photo of our room to share. I quickly realized the bed wasn't really made and there is clothes and junk everywhere. Cue ten second tidy.

So I went in our room to re-take the photo.... 

Much better right? WRONG!!! 

This guy was hanging out in MY ROOM!!! 

I'm really sorry if this is disturbing to you. It is to me! I now need to make a dreaded grocery run for some RAID. That brings the roach tally to three, which is three to many. BARF! Officially heartless.

P.S. It's Winstagram Wednesday be sure to check it out....@larnlevydickson.

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  1. crazy week you've had lady!! So is your roommate a baseball player too? You will HAVE to let us know how it is living with their baby! Those cinnamon rolls look out of this world, I can't remember the last time I had one!