Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday's Letters 1.11.13

Dear Brandon,
In just a few short days you'll be boarding a plane to JAPAN! I can't believe the time has come so quickly. I know that we still have a lot to do before you go and I hope to be able to help you in any way I can. I loved suit shopping with you. You looked smoking hot - true story. Oh and..I'm really sorry my whole iced coffee spilt in your truck and in your lap yesterday.
Dear Tag Man,
Your schedule is about to change buddy. I don't want to say it out loud but... it's looking like you will not be venturing overseas with us. It breaks my heart. Each time we snuggle I try to capture the memory for later on this summer when I am dying to see your furry face. You're living arrangements have yet to be made.
Dear Passport,
You're making my life crazy. First, I couldn't find you. Then, I forgot to sign you. Please, please don't prevent me from making the journey of a lifetime when the time comes.
Dear Clarisonic,
I have only had you a few days but I do believe you were worth spending ALL my Christmas money on. It's like visiting a spa every morning and night.
Dear ER,
You are by far the worst place I have ever tried to take a nap. Thankfully everything came back okay and Brandon's Grandmother is doing fine. It turns out to be pleurisy that hopefully won't come back anytime soon.  
Dear Sister,
I'm glad you kept me company via text while I was waiting at the hospital. I looooved our chat. I will miss texting while gone but that's what gchat is for.
Dear baby boy I used to babysit,
I can't wait to spend time with you again when Brandon heads to Japan. I have some exciting things planned for you and your sister. I found this photo yesterday and it had me laughing out loud.
Dear last weekend before Brandon leaves,
Please don't fly by. Thanks.
Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. Wow! Japan is exciting. Fun to find you through Friday Letters. Hope you find your pup a home soon!

  2. I am SO far behind on my blog reading and I'm pretty sure that your hubby is already in Japan. WOW, time sure does fly. I'm SO sorry that you won't be able to take your pups with you...I can only imagine how hard that is!