Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Shoe Staples for Travel

I've already started thinking of what to pack on this seven month trip. Thanks to Polyvore something that I am brand new to, but loving, I created this sampling of footwear. I want to pack light on the way there because I have a tendency to shop like most women. I have also heard through the rumor mill that maybe, just maybe there is great shopping in Japan. I was thinking five pairs of shoes. A flat, sandal, wedge sandal, athletic shoe, and a pair of everyday flip flops.
Do you think I'll be safe sticking with neutrals?
Is there an everyday sandal you recommend?
How about another type of everyday shoe?   
I'd love to hear what shoes YOU would take on a seven month trip to Japan.


  1. I heard there are some great shops in Japan that sell previously owned but never worn designer shoes. I'll tell you later why that happens, but definitely going to need you to check that out! I would bring....my black tory burch sandals bc they go with everything....and yup some tennies. ;-)

  2. I've been to Asia. Shopping is SO MUCH FUN! You will shop your little heart out. The great news is that everything is less expensive, so the shopping doesn't hit your pocketbook as hard. And, you have to learn to haggle for everything! It was weird at first... but you get used to it. Sometimes, things wouldn't even have prices. You would just have to tell them what you were willing to pay. There are little shops on every street with jewelry, clothes, people to measure you and make you clothes... everything! Just one warning... I brought very few shoes. Well, people overseas have smaller feet. I wear about a 9 here and I had to purchase men's shoes there! EEK! I still have them. They're converse knock-off looking shoes. Anyway, if you have small feet, your selections are perfect! Good luck! Sorry for typing a book in your comment section.