Friday, January 13, 2012


I'm not typically good with change but seasons I've always known. 
Now I live in Alabama where the seasons are not quite the same as Missouri's.
When we stepped off the plane on Thursday out into the fierce cold and snow flurries I was so excited. Finally winter. Anyways I'm over it after a while, like most but I do enjoy at least one snowfall and a very cold day or two. 
On those days I usually almost always daydream, at least once, about a hot hot summer day. Be honest, you know you do it too.



Spring arrives or doesn't depending on mother nature and if she fast forwards straight to summer. I love spring too. Fresh air and beautiful flowers.  Even the rainy days are not so bad.


Summers go by so quick. I spend many of these days at the ball park. I love the long evenings, sandals, and the pool on very hot days.


To settle down from the summer vacations Fall keeps us in check with the cooler weather, beautiful array of ever changing leaves, and routines of back-to-school. 

I don't have a favorite. I have favorites about each season but I love them all. 
Enjoying these cold temperatures made me thankful for the always changing unexpected weather we may have.


  1. That is one thing my hubby misses from living up north in Ohio...the seasons! We were in Ohio in October and he was LOVING the foliage! I am glad we dont get harsh winters though!

  2. I'm with you girl! We had our first big snow today here in Cleveland and it was sooo refreshing. Just a sweet reminder of life moving forward. I think I'm gonna play in it later =)

  3. i love this idea for a post! i too am a huge fan of seasons :) i'm also a huge fan of your blog :) i just found it from hollies link up and love it :)
    i'd love for you to follow me back!