Tuesday, January 10, 2012

BCS Champions

Here's the dealy-o. 

I am a midwestern gal.
Graduate and Alum to the University of Missouri.

I married a southern boy.
Born and raised Alabama fan.

In Alabama you have to choose. 
When I moved here I remember that being the most common question I was asked.
"Are you an Alabama or Auburn fan?"
Neither - Mizzou (they had not a clue what Mizzou is) 

Until now..when the University of Missouri decided to join the SEC.
Suddenly my Mizzou apparel that used to go unnoticed is now noticed.

Now around the house he might sport his Mizzou shirt (kudos to my brothers for hooking him up)
I wear my Alabama shirt.

I'll cheer for the ol Crimson Tide. 
I'll be a good sport because I find it funny when my husband yells at the TV which doesn't happen often.
I do this because these southerners LIVE and DIE for their football. 
And because it makes him happy.
I even went to the trouble of decorating our mantle with the Tide's colors, this year. 
Next year I will find a way to incorporate some black and gold. 

Don't mind the stache, its covering a hole.

Congrats again to the Crimson Tide.
And to the state of Alabama for defending the title for the last three years. 

We already have HUGE plans for October 13. 
We will be at the Missouri/Alabama game.g
I will be wearing my black and gold
He will be wearing his crimson and white.
A household divided. 


  1. eeeeep!!!! I hope you don't hold it against me that we cheer for Auburn over here!! I, like you, answered the "Auburn or Alabama?" question wrong the first time saying *gasp* "I don't follow college football" haha of course my southern boy had to change that. Anyways, enough rambling, congrats on the win :) I can at least appreciate that! Oh, and I love that you decorated!

  2. omg the mustache! I love it!!! So I am actually an Auburn fan because my childhood family friend is their starting tight end (Lutzenkirchen). But honestly, I dont have too many hard ties to any team (besides Baylor bc my hubby went there...an our money haha). My aunt and uncle went to undergrad and grad/law school at Mizzou and live in Columbia! They are HUGE fans and both work there!

  3. Oh no.. Florida Gator girl over here! And youre right, southerners LOVE their football.

    PS - I might not like Bama, but I sure do like them more than LSU so congrats on the win ;)

  4. Roll Tide! :)

    And I thought the mustache was a nice touch! haha

    Mike really wants to go to the Bama/Missou game (since it's the closest to a game we're going to get this year) so maybe we'll see you there!

  5. Just found your blog on FF and read that you live in Alabama. I live in Alabama too!!! I love that you married a southern boy...they do have a certain charm, don't they? :) Roll Tide!!! I'm your newest follower!

  6. eeeeeeeek! is oct 13th a home game (in Tuscaloosa?) if so i will have to try to go!