Friday, January 6, 2012

Sandra Bullock and a Blogger

I typically steer clear of reality television, but when my Twitter feed started blowing up this week with comments on #thebachelor I couldn't help but check out the train wrecks they were referring to. I remember the one full season of the show I watched LONG ago. Trista and Ryan the Colorado couple. I do believe they are still together today, as for the rest of the 'match made in...Hollywood' couples I can't say the same.

Wowza. Train wreck it was. From a drunk (yes I believe she was quite toasted) Sandra-Bullock-laugh-a-like, to a blubbering blogger I can't decided which was worse. What was the name of her blog again?  The Over Analyst. Ha. So glad we didn't get to see a glimpse of that. But thanks for showing up for the rose ceremony. I almost wish she wouldn't have. By forfeiting the rose, drama levels could have been kept at bay the rest of season 16. Oh ABC you really do know what you're doing. 

Do you know though, several of those ladies do have potential. They are down to earth, genuine, beautiful women. I'm sorry they haven't found love before now, because I have a feeling it would be a lot easier on their own than with cameras feeding them the next act. 

Just for the record, not that it matters, my first impression rose goes to Rebecca. In the red dress. Her middle name is Rose. Subtle yet memorable. Classy. Now don't get involved in the drama and you'll be fine. 

I'll stop now so you don't hate or quit watching the hit reality show, because I too will tune in (and laugh and roll my eyes at the drama) next week to see just what these women will do for love. 


  1. trista and ryan were the only ones I watched too!!!! last I heard they're still together and have a baby. I really was never able to like any other bachelors or bachelorettes since them. ohhh reality television.

  2. I don't watch reality shows and I have never watched a season of the Bachelor, but that first episode of this season I happened upon and I have never been more embarrassed for someone than I was for that blogger girl. Like, a wanted to shun her for her juvenile behavior.