Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Living With a Woman

It is highly unlikely my husband will ever make his blogging debut here. This post is written by me and my husband has not said any of the following. This is just what I would imagine he might say. I also think he will laugh when he reads it, at least I hope so. 

There are so many differences around the house when you live with a woman. I love my wife to death but there is definitely a presence of a female here.

There are hair ties and bobby pins everywhere. Bottles of nail polish are on the coffee table.There is hair all over the bathroom and cords from multiple hair styling tools. I have no clue what half the bottles are that cover our bathroom counter. Good thing I don't have mess issues because I would flip just looking at our dining room table. Her latest gig, sewing, has taken over. I love seeing what she can come up with it's cool. It's okay though, I know the mess will drive her nuts before me and it will get cleaned up. I could probably do with a little less 'stuff' everywhere but I'm such a laid back guy it doesn't bother me. 

I reckon she is pretty awesome to have around. I don't have to move from the couch to get a refill or a late night milkshake. She warns me when she is about to sew letting me know I probably need to turn up the TV which is normally on Animal Planet or The Discovery Channel. She hasn't asked me for clothing advice to much thankfully. I probably have asked her opinion more than she has mine. The everyday tasks are more enjoyable when they are shared between two people.

I have to give her LOTS of credit because my camouflage has not been replaced. Has she told you about our camo? NO! She will love me for telling ya'll. I love my camo and she knows it and I love that she lets me love it. We I have a camouflage recliner, (holla where I'm blogging from) curtains on almost all the windows, shower curtain, and bedspread. I also have a camo ipad cover, duffle bag(s), toiletry bag, and of course my hunting gear. I pulled a tiny stunt at our wedding and got all my groomsmen camo shoes to wear. She was okay with it thankfully. My wedding ring is camo. Hi, my name is Brandon and I'm addicted to camouflage. She sometimes threatens to accidentally ruin the camo decor, but I know she never could. I also know that when the time comes and we build a house, the camouflage will be restricted to one room of the house, and one room only. 

By the way, thanks darlin for letting the camo stay. We are a good team. I thoroughly enjoy having someone to share this home with and look forward to all the years to come.


That's love huh? He really does love his camo and it's slooooowly growing on me. I don't love it, but I don't hate it. We don't live here full time and if we did I know  we would do a little bit of switching up. Until then, we'll enjoy our little camo casa.

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  1. this is TOO cute! your husband seems like a sweetie, esp putting up with the sewing, hair, blogging stuff :-) and I think those camo shoes are AWESOME!

  2. I love the fact that he has a camo wedding ring! That is so cool!

  3. This post is too funny!! Seems like you've got a pretty great hubby :)