Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brain Wiring

Brandon and I have an inside joke. I'm bad at math. Anytime he asks me a question whether related to math or not, I'll blurt out, "I don't know, I'm bad at math." Honestly, I'm not though and it's no longer an inside joke. I've just given some really dumb answers to some really simple questions. Brain farts. We all get them. I do prefer a calculator though.

Math was probably my favorite subject ironically. With math there is usually one answer. It's black and white. Now there are several ways to get to that answer, but still, its one answer. 

Chemistry wasn't my best. I was always afraid of accidentally making an explosive device by combining the wrong chemicals. It was cool to see what things created, but the danger scared me off.

When it comes to English, well I just ain't good at it. I always got confused when we studied the parts of a sentence. Subject predicate blah blah. I love to write now for fun. Because no one, at least to my knowledge, prints out my blog posts and corrects them with a red ink pen. Oh I can feel the haunting now, my 9th grade english teacher was SO hard, but man I wished I would have paid more attention. 

I got bored with History and as they say it will repeat itself, I should have paid attention more in that class too but.. boring to this girl.

I'm just not a school person. Even in college I had very few classes that excited me. What did excite me was skipping class! I could have gotten an A in that subject. Skipping. Just thinking about it makes me smile. I couldn't help it. I was either a few minutes tardy which for me automatically meant I couldn't show up. Or I would be walking into the building where my class was and go right to the computer lab to kill time. Even after I drove 15 minutes to campus. Luckily I wasn't the avid blog reader/writer that I am today or I may would have failed out. 

I wonder how come I never ended up in any art classes or graphic design. What would I be doing differently today if my degree hadn't been in Marketing?

As I've sat at my sewing machine the last few nights, figuring out patterns with ease, I feel silly by how natural it feels. Just like dancing and coordination. How come my mind works so at ease with these types of activities but give me Algebra and a paper to write and I want to go CRAZY! Maybe for you you'd love the assignment of a paper or test but the idea of hot glue and glitter gives you the heeby jeebies. 

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Glad I'm figuring out how my brain is wired before it's to late. That's all, thanks for listening.


  1. Aw man! My ninth grade English the same school mind you, SKIPPED grammar because "she didn't like it." We may have done a few worksheets...and watched Disney movies. Seriously. I hated it, well, because I'm actually good at English! I dissect people's sentences. I even have Vincent pointing out grammatical errors. I chose a career where all I do is write all day long. And finally, I laughed at THIS Lame. I know.
    Lol. Always good to know your strengths. As far as math, I hate it. I can't follow patterns, rather, I tend to make up my own. Maybe that's why you're SO much better at crafting? I want to love it, but you have a natural knack for it! I love learning from you though.

  2. I just read this! My brain works kind of similarly to yours, except you stuck it out in college & I dropped out for beauty school haha.