Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Big Secret Dream

I wrote this post yesterday, then I found out our internet was out. As I read through it today I didn't have near the excitement and almost didn't want to post it. Enjoy. 

Lately, I have had the 'I can do anything I put my mind to' mindset. This is a great feeling. Have you had it? You think up an idea that is genius and start brainstorming. Too soon your discovering all the road blocks, speed bumps, and hurdles that you will have to go through, over, and around to achieve that brilliant unfailing idea. 

Then you let it fade away. This can be a vicious cycle. I've been through it several times. 
Although there is one idea  that I keep coming back to. The mind game starts again. This could work, this could work, wait THIS COULD WORK?  I figure what the heck lets jot this down on paper  or blog post and see how crazy this idea sounds in a day or two.  

I want to own a little shop. A boutique.  

I think I've wanted this for at least a year and a half, maybe even before I decided to start my wee lil ol' blog here. And I could make this happen. Ah ha there's that mindset I was talking about.  Let me tell you a little about my shop. Cue imagination sound bit.

I'd choose a location that looks something like this.  Old fashioned, but renovated. 

Inside would be a sea of vintage, rustic, and whimsy all in one. There would be old furniture pieces covered with baskets of sewn goodies like cosmetic bags, pouches, purses. There would be shelves with my signs or signs ready to be painted and personalized for you. There will be baby onesies, blankets, diaper cloths ,bibs, etc. This will be the place to get your one of a kind baby shower or wedding gifts.

I would have old apothecary jars with candy and sweets. I would always have fresh coffee,teas, or hot cocoa available, Keurig style. The background music would be Pandora set to the station of Adele. There would be a chalk board wall and play area to occupy the more adventurous children (ones who want to touch everything). 

Then I'd ask several family and friends to help me get this going. In no particular order:

My good friend Renner. Her real name is Stefany but I never call her that. We have teased about opening up a store together called Craft Baked. I'd have the craft side and she would do the baking. I wish she could bring me some mini cupcakes NOW. So it's actually been longer than two years I've talked about it because when we worked together in '09 we emailed about it. Anyway, she wanted to open our store in Manhattan that always freaked me out. Uh.. cha-ching much? She will be there to help with my business plan, I hope. 

My sister. She would hopefully do all of our designing. Business cards, signs, fliers, promotions. She is amazing with that stuff. I want to learn BUT I always love that I can rely on her when I need something like that and then I can be working on other things.  She can help pick out paint colors and do our space planning  along with be a tester for new products aka free stuff.

My mom. Only if she promises NOT to bring the entire basement with her. I would love for her to have a place she can display some of her work. She does custom embroidery so she could also design any shirts for the boutique employees. People would be able to place and pick up orders at the boutique as well.

My friend and old boss. She worked in retail for 16 years and recently decided to leave her job. We also tease about having a boutique for fun accessories, bags, kids and baby things. She would be the one in charge of displays and merchandising and all that fun stuff. It has also been a dream of hers to own her own boutique.. I would need someone to run the place especially since home would be somewhere different during the off season or even the season for that matter. She would be perfect.

My best friend's mom. I've written about her before and she would also be a HUGE help in getting the show room set up. She has such a knack for finding and refinishing a vintage piece and that's the feel I'd be going for. 

Then I have THREE accountant friends I could rely on to help with financial side of this whole project. 

Being in a community online of handmade crafters I would reach out to them to see if they would like to stock items in the boutique. 

It's hard to have a dream of a brick and mortar store when our future location is always so up in the air. I know there will be time after Brandon's career when we won't be traveling and then this might be the time chase that dream full on. Guess I better start board for pinning future store ideas. 


Ah well.... A girl can dream for now.


  1. I love this dream. I say you go after it. I believe God gives us dreams and hopes and desires for a reason.... and He grants them too! Take one step at a time, but believe in yourself first!

  2. I may want in on this place too! I dream of opening a little pastry shop... yummy cookies, muffins, small coffee and tea bar!

  3. girl, you can totally make this happen! you are so talented and it sounds like you have a huge network behind you! go for it!

  4. I can't wait to see how you make this a reality!

  5. That sounds like such an awesome project! & if anyone can do it, it's you Lauren!

    Can't wait to see how this dream develops!!