Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fit Day Friday

Hello pretties! 
It's Friday. Wait, I didn't sound excited. Take 2. IT'S FRIDAY!!
The long awaited day after what may have been a short work week.
Have you started the new year right?
Did you jot down those resolutions or goals for the year? 
Well if you didn't, it's not to late. 
In fact it's never to late to set goals.

I'm going to share with you one of my goals for this year.
Then every Friday I plan to share something on this topic.
A weekly post to encourage and inspire healthy living.
I bring you FIT DAY FRIDAY.

For me 2011 was what I consider a stressful year. 
I would say planning a wedding isn't stressful. 
I'd be lying.
I would say long distance relationships aren't stressful.
I'd be lying.
I would say nannying two children is easy.
I'd be lying.
I would also say I treated my body with care getting plenty of exercise, sleep, and a well balanced diet.
I'd be lying, again.

Although I'm blessed with a thin frame I get teased and called names like Bones and Twiggy. It never goes unrecognized by those who are close to me. I can't dodge the topic quickly enough. It could be worse, I'm aware.    

I started working out this week. I didn't make this a resolution. I never planned to at the beginning of the year. I had assumed once we move to Florida I would have more free time and I could start working out and running again. But plans changed.

After my third day of working out my mind started to thank me. 
My body not so much. Not yet anyways. I'm sore. WEAK

So to start my new series. I'm going to leave you with three reasons why working out is good for me and why it has become a 2012 goal. Find your motives and let those be our inspiration to a fit healthy lifestyle. 

1. Positive attitude - BD and I have a LOT of uncertainty. I need to be POSITIVE and ready for any change at any moment. As for everyday living, it makes our time together that much more enjoyable.

2. My future children. I plan to have children in the next few years, God willing, and I need to treat my body right getting plenty of exercise and a well balanced diet. (Don't get excited, not too soon).

3. I want to live a long active life and that means starting young, just like saving money, and moisturizing.


What motivates you to have a healthy lifestyle? I'd love to know!


  1. Ha Lauren, I'm a bit of a "Twiggy" myself so I definitely understand! Have you tried yoga? I'm not a huge fitness buff, but yoga and pilates are some of my favorites, especially on those days when you don't have tons of energy. Good luck!

  2. Yay for working out :) It makes you feel so good about yourself. I was Chicken Legs all throughout middle school so I know how ridiculous it is that people tease because youre skinny of all things. And ever since I started working out and eating healthy a few months ago, everyone freaks out. Being skinny doest mean being fit/healthy by any means! You go girl!