Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vintage Darlings Are Born

Me: I think I'm going to pick up a new pair of some color skinny jeans, they are in right now.
Brandon: Who says?
Me: It's all over right now. It's just in.
Brandon: But why? Who decided that its 'in'?
Me: I don't know I can't explain to you how fashion works. It's just popular right now.
Brandon: Who says that though? Which person decided that and told the whole world?

We go round and round. I can't convince him if it's in or not, and if it is, he will never jump on the bandwagon. He will stick to his greens, blues, grays, browns, and of course Camo for the rest of his life because to him, camo is always in.

I'll admit my closet is not real up and up with what is in as far as fashion goes. I wear what is comfortable to me and what I think is cute, and of course things Brandon likes and sometimes things he doesn't. 

As a tiny shop owner of some clutches and wristlets I try to follow the current trends. Maybe that isn't a good idea and maybe I should make what I like instead. If I did that though, I would probably hoard all my new designs and not be able to share these with everyone else.

It has occurred to me that thrifting and vintage clothing are a hot item right now. Brandon if your reading, don't ask me why or who decided this, it is what it is. The last time I went shopping for fabric all the pieces I picked in some way reminded me of my grandma Norma. She liked to quilt, owned a farm that my siblings and I reminisced about all weekend, and could cook something fierce. 

Today as I was shopping for fabrics, I ooh and awwed over pretty much the entire store. I spent the first fifteen minutes documenting my new-found obsession for fabric. Years ago my mom couldn't drag me into a fabric shop. Anyways, I kept finding myself being drawn to some of the most classic old fashion and some pretty ugly pieces. Don't get me wrong I loved all the new bright color and geometric shapes and patterns but before I knew it I had several bolts of the old fashioned looking stuff in my arms.

And that's how my next little project was born. Tonight I worked on a prototype and brainstormed to see if this was going to work the way I planned in my head all afternoon driving home from shopping. I'm super giddy about it. So much that I knew if I didn't just write out how excited I was, I'd be up all night thinking about it. Now instead I'm up late writing about it. 

I completed my first clutch, that I have to keep for myself because it's to live for cute, (I'd never die for a clutch's cuteness, just saying) Then, we started going through my mom's fabric stash. Some good, some bad, and some just uggggaly. I ended up with this whole stack of fabric perfect for my new vintage line. Love love love.  

Until I can show you more, I'll leave you with a sneak peek. I'm so in love already. I have very high hopes for the new clutches and I hope you will love them. These mean more to me already than any of the other things I've sewn because they have so much meaning behind them. They remind me of my grandma and quite a bit of the fabrics are from my mom. I think know my grandma would be proud of her little quail. 


  1. This is so exciting Lauren :) I love reading about why you chose those!! Your grandma is definitely proud of you!