Monday, April 2, 2012

Sweet Home Alabama [For 1 Day]

I'm in Alabama today and I can't help but be super grateful I made it. We had been experienceing a few difficulties with my vehicle. Actually as we started the car yesterday morning to begin my died before we even took it out of park. Ha Ha. Not funny April fool's joker whoever you are. I mean that's usually not a good sign. I dropped my man off at the field and he checked the fluids just to be sure it all looked okay. I ventured off on my own driving from south Florida to central Alabama.

As the trip started off I realized that the steering wheel kept catchin and pulling either to the right or the left. We knew it had done this the past week or so after we go the new tires and the alignment. It happened a lot. If you were driving behind me you would think that I was texting and driving. I wasn't. Okay I did have my phone out once to take a picture of the Alabama sign BUT mostly I was swerving because my car was acting up. My left hand was tired about three hours in from gripping the wheel. I was pretty scared and nervous.

This morning my father-in-law took my car into the shop and what do you know another $700 repair bill. I say another because less than two weeks ago we had to put new tires on the vehicle. Also right before we left for Florida, we had a few hundred dollars of repairs for something else. We have decided we are going to sell or trade it in sometime this summer or this offseason. Thankfully we have a second vehicle that we purchased this past fall and that will become our traveling vehicle. Secretly I know Brandon is super excited to be driving his baby again. What's with guys and their trucks...a mystery.

This is the beautiful view where we live. We hope to build a house back there someday. It's super nice to be back for a few days. No city. No traffic. No kids screaming. It's pretty glorious.

On a totally different note - Jen is having her fundraising giveaway today - click here!There are some great prizes like -- any one item from MY SHOP! I think if you would enter this giveaway with the normal requirements like a comment of a follow... you should hand over one dolla for an entry. Obviously money doesn't grow on trees, or if it does I have yet to find the seeds to plant in my yard. It's one dollar. Four quarters. AND if 200 people enter 1 dollar thats helping Jen towards her goal. At least hink about it. OR if you don't want to win any of the prizes you can still donate some moo-lah. But the prizes are fabulous.

I'm off to have a glass of sweet tea and enjoy some of the south before things get to crazy again tomorrow and the rest of the week. Enjoy your day.

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