Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm the Glue

My life is a highway. 1,246.3 miles of highway to be exact. Between packing and unpacking we have already done this four times in April. The first time I had the the best packer known to man helping me, the last three times I've been on my own. My body is achy. I feel like I'm in a whirlwind that won't slow down and I just keep moving and moving. To bad my mind won't slow down now that my body has the chance. 

I giggle at this photo. I'm just like all the other stuff packed in the car moving to the next stop. Okay not just like the other stuff I know I serve a greater purpose. I'm the glue that's going to hold this family together for the next six months and I'm excited about it! By the way my rear wasn't hanging out I just wanted to make sure no one thought it was. Better safe than sorry.

I know you're tired of seeing those maps but ten years from now I will appreciate having them. We will laugh at the miles traveled due to this crazy baseball life. See our life is funny to me sometimes. It hit me these past few weeks (as we were signing our taxes) just how many responsibilities an adult has. Now most the time a couple can split those to share the load. For us it doesn't work like that except from October through January. It's hard for me to accept sometimes that from now until October, I'm in charge of it all. The bills, our housing, the packing and moving, car troubles, meal planning, cleaning, laundry, you name it. It's not that he can't help if I need him, but when he is out of town every other week and gone almost all day and night it isn't easy. This isn't me complaining. This is me recognizing that I need to be accepting of these duties for the next six months to make my husbands life and job easier. This is marriage and it takes two people to make it work. (Real quick shout out - Happy 5 months of marriage! It's flying.)

Believe it or not, being a baseball player is a tough job, I don't know from experience myself, but when BD gets home after a game or off a road trip, I can tell. Especially in mid-August, it shows. It is a job period. Does he love his job - yes, for sure and that makes it a little easier. 

This is our first season living together. Am I going to struggle? Guaranteed. I'm not perfect. Just like other wives all around the world, some days getting the laundry done is a struggle, dinner doesn't find it's way to the table, and even phone calls get left unmade. When this happens, which I know it will, I'm going to tell myself, it's okay, I'm doing the best I can and that's what counts.

Thankfully, my husband does not expect me to be perfect, just that I love him and support him and that is no problem for me! And on that note, good luck to him tonight he is pitching in the opening game in OKC. 


  1. wooooohooo!! cheering for the hubby all the way in ATL! Stone starts tomorrow :) You know, i like this post. and I guess i always think those girls that get to travel with the guys are so so lucky, but just because you "live" with them, doesnt really mean you see them a whole lot either. we are all in this together. xoxo happy opening day and as i liked to say to people at workie poo today "today is the first game. which is great. because it means we are one day close to the end of baseball season." haha i am bad. i like to keep those thoughts to myself. and people at work. and you :)

  2. Do I know this life all too well! Someday we'll look back on all the craziness and laugh :)