Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blogging & A Sale!

I'm a tiny bit debbie downer today and not because I had to kill another roach last night. Let me tell you, when I go a week without blogging it's two things, freeing & annoying. Freeing because I don't feel obligated to update about the goings on of daily life. Annoying because in my mind I write the most genius blog posts and then can never get them documented to save for later use. I'm glad to be back. But if I had to be gone four more days with out blogging because I was at a blogging/creativity conference in SLC Utah, I wouldn't be complaining. I'm not though. After attempting to win a free ticket, twice, I decided this isn't my year to go. 

I love my blog I do, but to be honest I write it for me and Brandon so when we are 80 and can't figure out how to work whatever electronic device is being used, someone out there can enjoy it for us. I'll admit, it's great sharing with others this glamorous life so many people assume baseball players and their wives live. I just told you I've killed FOUR roaches in our new apartment remember?!

Once you start this whole blogging adventure you get sucked in. I've ventured deeper into the blogosphere and met some pretty darn cool people. People that I hope I get to meet someday. Friends that have so kindly complimented shop items. Bloggers and shop owners who I look up to and know that they once started small too. So right now as we speak many bloggers are gathering for an awesome conference filled with creativity and next year I hope to join them. I can't help but be encouraged by some of my favorites who so kindly - okay I had a great sentence but basically this is what I'm saying without the fluff. 

Kellie a blogger/shop owner/friend/momma/southerner that I think is the BOMB.COM bought a clutch of mine a few months ago. She is at this conference and I woke up to this on my Instagram feed. A few months back she even featured this little bag on her blog. I may hire her to do ALL product photos for me from now on. 

Just to clarify, I didn't wake up at 11:46,
 that's just the time of the screen shot.

I can't explain the smile that came across this girls face! I'm so grateful, and inspired, and anxious for BD's game to be over so I can go restock my orange fabric!! He has errands to run to so we are gonna carpool, cute isn't it. 

I was thinking of making a cross breed of the fold over clutch and this new little mini. So a pleated fold over clutch perhaps. I like it!

I'm bringing in the new vintage clutches, soon I promise, some pleated mini coin purses, some pleated clutches, and some vintage minis. With all of this said, I'm ready to clear out the shop for some new items. I have marked down ALL items. Shop now and help make some room for the new!


  1. I was excited for you when I saw kellie had posted that pic! That pink and orange clutch that she posted on her blog months ago is how I "found" you :) I hope you get a mountain of orders!!!

  2. Yay Lauren!! So excited for you! You deserve the attention sweet girl :)

  3. Those clutches are definitely very cute! Yay for getting featured by well-known bloggers! :)
    I found your link on the #FF list. :)