Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Snail Mail

I love snail mail. I do. It's way better than an email, text, or Facebook message, although I do enjoy all of those things. 

I also enjoy sending snail mail. Maybe more than getting it. I'm always giddy leaving the post office even though there is usually a wait and sometimes not so friendly customer service. That just depends on where you go and usually my giddy mood trumps grumpy people. FYI I missed the memo somehow but a stamp now cost $.45 hurry -- buy the forever stamps before they go up again! 

For as much as I enjoy sending letters and cards I don't do it near enough. I'm away from almost all of my friends and family or will be at some point during the year. This leaves me plenty of opportunities to write. I'll blame it on being busy, but it's just being lazy. I'm sorry.

Sometimes I feel silly writing, telling about what is going on, mainly cause I try to keep everyone up to date here.  My goal is at least one letter or card a week. I'm going to try to be better because everyone loves snail mail. 


  1. yup get those forever stamps for sure! and receiving mail and sending out is definitely one of my favorites too. i could be having a crappy day and then i get some fun in the mail and much more exciting than bills and it can completely turn my day around!! the more email we sent out the most important handwritten cards become. i keep all of my cards i receive in the mail

  2. I LOVE snail mail - especially sending it. I am the absolute WORST person at getting mail to the post office so I almost always end up sticking with cards and letters that I can mail from my mailbox at home versus packages. Otherwise, it just doesn't happen :(

  3. Hey Miss Snail Mail - I just wrote you a card and the read below that you are en route to FLA. Send me your new addy and I will send there.

    Did you know I will be with M+P 2/20-2/24? Maybe we can swing a visit.

    xo, Amelia

  4. there's truly no better feeling than getting a letter in the mail. it's awesome :)

  5. I love snail mail too, and I also love making cards, but recently I haven't done it nearly enough. Hmm, maybe it's time! :)

    Just dropping by from #FF. :)

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