Sunday, February 12, 2012

Florida Home

We made it to Florida! It was a very long drive but luckily, we get stir crazy and entertain each other. Lets just say our dance moves are even better in the car. I am proud to say I didn't nap at all because I know how much it bothers BD and because it makes me feel crappy taking three naps in one day. Win win for both.

Our studio is almost perfect. The size is great. We have a  comfy queen size bed, a love seat, and a couch. We set up a table in the corner for me to sew and work. There is no closet, but we have a rolling rack that our clothes fit [snugly] on. We also have a dresser that is pretty packed. We have a full bathroom and half kitchen. It has a tiny bar sink, that one bowl can fit in, and a half refrigerator. Here is a few pictures before we moved all of our junk in.

We brought along our toaster, crock pot, and griddler hoping that every meal doesn't have to be served to us at a restaurant. So if you have any easy recipes that require nothing more than that... send them this way please!!

Yesterday we stocked up on some grocery basics; bread, cereal, milk, etc. We also were going to go to Target and pick up some other necessities but when I searched on my phone there was none in the area. After church last night I spotted Target and was SUPER pumped. I really really like Target. I do have other sad news. There is NO Hobby Lobby within 45 minutes. I was really bummed. There are some other quilt shops and a JoAnns so I should be able to get my supplies from there. Otherwise I'll be calling on other to creatives to send me some goods.

Our apartment also doesn't have WiFi. This should increase my productivity because I often get sidetracked easily with internet. Since we live in the city, I only have to hop in the car a few minutes to find a Panera or somewhere with free Wifi. Hopefully each morning after I take Brandon to work I'll stop,catch up, and fill you in.

So besides the no Wifi and no HobLob near by, I don't have any other complaints. Not that I'm here to complain. We rented this place with out meeting our 'landlord' or seeing any pictures so we were very pleased when we got here.

I guess we will call it home for the next seven weeks.

Also if you're last minute decorating for Valentines or a baby shower or any get together I have an easy garland tutorial up at Design, Dining, and Diapers today! Please check it out.

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  1. Cute place! I love the garland idea. It's really, really cute!