Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hi-Lo Skirts

The weather here in Florida has been quite awesome. For some reason when I packed for six weeks I didn't bring a lot of fun warm-weather clothes. I didn't bring winter boots and sweaters, but very casual shorts and boyfriend tees. There is nothing wrong with this look, it's my favorite, but I've been in a comfy/casual look slump for a while. Too long actually. 

Before we started dating, the mr. said one of the things that caught his attention (besides the camo shorts) was that I dressed up. I don't tend to do that too much anymore because we usually don't have many places to go. Now due to our lack of a full functioning kitchen we tend to dine out most nights of the week in turn I have a reason to dress up again. Plus I know my husband likes when I put in a little bit of effort to look nice for him. 

So since I've started sewing and we are a little bit settled here I've been dying to make a skirt or two. I received an email the other day with some dresses/skirts and I fell in love with the style. The Hi-Lo style. The Pinterest search began. Here is what I found for my skirt making if only there was an easy tutorial online. I'll just have to do some experimenting. But please if you've seen one, send it my way.



  1. I love hi-los! My wedding dress was thisclose to being one... then I fell in love with a different one. Good luck! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Love these skirt! They will be perfect for gorgeous Florida weather :)

  3. I'm loving these kinds of skirts, too!
    I pinned one last week :)

    And isn't the FL weather fantastic?!
    I want to stay outside! lol


  4. these are gorgeous, I know you can make this!

  5. These skirts are gorgeous! I want them all!

  6. love these skirts. remind me of being on a boat :)